Thursday, January 17, 2019

The yoga of relationship

Close, intimate relationship (including, but not limited to the romantic) is a powerful (and heartbreaking) yoga and one of the most precious, disappointing, and illuminating vehicles we have in the modern world for catalyzing healing, and revealing light within the shadow.

While it’s not possible to know ahead of time to what degree we can “count on” our partners and friends to be there for us, see us in the way we long to be seen and hold us in the way we yearn to be held, there is one thing we can absolutely count on: that they will, over time, if we will allow them to matter, somehow illuminate everything within us that is unresolved and longing to return home.

This is the great promise that they are sure to fulfill. How precious. How devastating. How holy.

While we may never understand or resolve the relationship between the inner and the external other—not to mention the relationship of these ones with the Great Other however he or she appears to us—we can dance and play and explore the sacred world as fellow travelers, together and alone, alone yet together, as we embrace the mystery as beginners on the path of love.

Photo by Patrick – adwriter via Flickr

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