Tuesday, September 18, 2018

And listen once again...

As we bear witness to a new day, in awe at the gift that has been given… the breath is here. The heart is quivering. The birds have come. Sounds from the other world, another opportunity to hear, to behold the miracle of the senses.

The sun has come up again. The moon rests and plays until she is called to return. For just one moment, the veil parts, revealing the flow that is always, already here, uncaused and uncreated, simply longing for our participation.

Life is not waiting for us to heal our past, awaken to our true nature, become more “spiritual,” or manifest something. But only to fall to the ground in wonder, to be astonished by the outrageous appearance and unfolding of form. By the relentlessness of love as it washes into the world of time and space.

While the longing for transformation is utterly valid and can be honored, we must be careful not to fall into trance. This life is more than a self-improvement project and this surging, tender vulnerability is not something to master, gain power over, or transcend.

It seems unlikely that today will be the day when we figure it all out, get all our questions answered, or resolve the raging contradictions of love. It's just too wild for all that. Just too creative. Just too alive. A truly majestic day.

No, today may not be the day for answers, but to let your heart break open to the vastness of the question. To fall to the ground as a humble lover of the mystery. And listen once again.

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The next book, The Unfolding Heart, will be published by Sounds True in early 2020, details to come

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