Thursday, September 20, 2018

Care for a weary heart

In the realms you find yourself now, you need not worry about words and understanding concepts. Honor a long journey of becoming and that ancient tiredness that we feel along the way.

Rest. Slow way down. Pause. Remember what is most important.

Tend to an exhausted nervous system. Care for a weary heart.

Receive. Nourish. For there is another language attempting to make its way known.

There is writing weaved within you that is not composed of ordinary symbols. Unfolding letters of dark and of light, washing through the inner pathways and cleansing them with the water of life.

Listen. Feel. See with new eyes. Open the senses. Revision. Reimagine. Bear witness to what is emerging from the womb of now.

This longing, this burning, this tenderness, once seen as mistakes or errors to be remedied, pathologized and shamed away… these are your only scriptures now. Filled with wisdom-essence and guidance for the journey ahead.

Photographer unknown via Pixabay

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