Thursday, March 15, 2018

The silvery essence of the heart

As we wander together on the path of the heart, we are sure to encounter the “other” in its mystery, its glory, its devastation – in its relentless, infinite forms. As a lover, a friend, a child, an inner figure, an animal-guide, a mood, a feeling, or even as our most challenging symptoms.

Something is attempting to reach us, to reveal something outrageous and merciful about the majesty of the rare and precious human experience. In this way, love is a shape-shifter, taking endlessly creative forms – as color, image, light, dark, earth, and star – to find us and touch us and remove the veil.

In this encounter – as we allow the “other” to penetrate us, matter to us, mean something to us – we open ourselves to falling apart, to being dissolved and reconfigured by love itself as the artist and poet of a new world. The ground falls out from underneath us, revealing a very earthy foundation – a groundless ground – from which things will never quite look or feel the same.

In this moment, the curtain is pulled, the clothing removed, and the sacred world is laid bare. Not as a causally produced fruit of some profound psychological or spiritual improvement project – or completion of some solar, mythical enlightenment finality drama – but as always, already here, as the kingdom, and Queendom that is already upon us.

Buried in the mud and hidden in the doubt, shining out of the mess as the golden silvery essence of the heart.

Photo by Gregory Colbert

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