Monday, June 17, 2019

Strands of holding

The image of “holding” is such an evocative one as it calls up not only early personal experience, but also archetypal material that expresses this same psychic patterning throughout culture and time, and the ways we human beings have found solace in “being held” by transpersonal figures, energies, and by the natural world itself.

When we are able to “hold” our experience as well as allow ourselves to “be held” by something larger, we are able to trust life in a new way. We become more spontaneous and creative, more emotionally flexible, and better able to respond to the challenges that life will inevitably provide.

Even if our experience is difficult, heartbreaking, confusing, or uncertain, we come to discover that it is taking place within a vast context or space, one that may be a lot more purposive and intelligent than it appears.

Over time, as we illuminate and befriend our experience at deeper levels, we invite its wisdom, creativity, and love to disclose itself. We become more and more familiar with the space or alchemical container in which it appears. We are the material within the vas and we are also the alchemist looking in. We are the vas itself and in the most primordial way the space in which the entire display has appeared.

Through this discovery, our center of gravity begins to shift into the experiential realization that we are always, already held. In this way, holding is not something we need to manufacture, create, deserve, or “earn” by way of completing some heroic project of self-improvement or enlightenment.

These hearts, these bodies, these psyches, these souls are woven with strands of holding. We share this with the mountains, the stars, the moon, and the sea. 

Photo by RitaE – Deutschland via Pixabay

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