Wednesday, August 4, 2021

At times the blue one will appear

Sadness is not something you need to shift, cure, or transform.

At times the blue one will appear, the melancholy figure of the soul, not to be healed or subjected to some process of transcendence, but held and given space to reveal.

It comes with an offering and benediction that is unique to its place in the spectrum, the blue-place, which carries a unique fragrance and essence, a frequency of the wounded healer.

Sadness need not be operated upon so that it will yield or transform into something else, for it is complete and pure on its own.

There may be an important communication in the core of the sorrow – a special blessing not able to be transmitted in moments of peace and joy. A reminder of something lost, a region of your heart that misses and longs for you, a dispatch from the beloved that can only be decoded in the slow silence of aloneness.

Yes, it can burn there and can take us to dust. But the particles of that dust are made of the scintilla of light.

When turned toward and entered into, sadness reveals a blue-portal through which we can more deeply connect with ourselves, with others, and with nature… and with a world that has forgotten something holy about the wisdom of a broken heart.