Friday, December 15, 2017

As it emerges out of the stars...

One of the primary goals of the alchemists was to redeem spirit from its apparent confinement in matter. This holy work is alive for each of us, as we wander through this world, as we look deeply into the eyes of our brothers and sisters, embrace the trees and the mountains and the moon and the sea. As we encounter the darkness and the light and as we honor our longing to participate in the sacred.

The path of the heart is not only one of transcendence, of the movement from matter to spirit. But is also one of descent, of dancing and playing and beholding the mystery as it spirals out of the heavens and into the earth; into the mud, the mess, the chaos, and the unknown. 

To accompany love as its fellow traveler, as it emerges out of the stars and infuses the world of time and space.

As we hold these energies within us – and allow ourselves to touch the implications of what it really means to be an open, sensitive, vulnerable, and empowered human being – we discover our way, which is never going to be like anyone else’s. 

No one can touch the sacred for us, can feel heartbreak for us, and can know the mystery for us. It is only embodied, enlivened, primary experience that will meet the longing wired into this outrageous human heart.

Photo: heartbeat at the Baltic Sea, southern Finland

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