Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Vulnerability and aliveness are not two

While awakening carries with it a seed of rest and open flow, it will often break our hearts and shatter old dreams. This heartbreak is not evidence of error, but of wholeness, and just how full-spectrum the activity of love truly is. Not only does it introduce us to transfiguration, but to the chaotic glory of the crucifixion and resurrection as well.

Yes, the Kingdom is here, now, but in order to know this in the body we must be willing to fully participate in the opposites.

While it is natural to have a bias for resurrection, inside the crucible dark and light are one. Here, crucifixion is holy and disappointment is sacred, for they are forerunners of integration. Death and life are not two. Confusion and clarity are not two. Vulnerability and aliveness are not two.

While unresolvable to a mind longing for the reference point of what has come before, the contradictions are in union in the body, providing warmth in the tender core of your very own heart. 

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