Saturday, October 28, 2017

A third presence

It is so natural to want to share our joy, discoveries, insights, and perspectives with others, especially if they are struggling, having a hard time, or experiencing hopelessness and confusion. Our intention to help, to whatever degree it is oriented in true compassion, can be honored and held near.

One of the greatest gifts we can provide to the other is sanctuary and safe passage for the unmet within us. For it is out of profound self-attunement that the most skillful action and blessings will flow.

When we are in intimate, direct contact with our own not-knowing – our own grief, despair, anger, and confusion – we may become aware of a holding field emerging in the space between. Some unknown, third presence appears, transcending the sum of the parts and offering an invitation into something new.

As we open into and explore this field, tending to the darkness within us as it surges for light, the other is granted permission to contain, integrate, and practice compassion toward those unresolved qualities in themselves.

As the unwanted is cared for at perceptual, emotional, somatic, and transpersonal levels, we begin to make a journey with one another, making meaning together of what it’s like to be an open, sensitive, sometimes broken and sometimes whole human being.

It’s a precious journey, really, one oriented in the mysteries of self and other, separation and union, lover and beloved. At times asking everything of us, but capable of bearing a very rare and unique fruit within the heart.

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