Monday, June 30, 2014

A trembling eruption of pure grace

There’s a certain shaky vulnerability when the sun is rising that comes unlike any other. How could I possibly be given one more day—for these colors to drip into these eyes as if for the first time, to fully receive this new birdsong that has arrived from beyond, to enter into union with the purple lilies that have come from the other world? To be given a human heart that has been designed to make love with the phenomenal world and sweet lovers everywhere... pure majestic brilliance.

In one moment out of time, it is nearly impossible to tell whether the colors, the sounds, the smells, and these waves of feeling are occurring inside my body, or outside. Is this heart on the inside or the outside of my skin? It's almost confusing, the depth of communion. It is so vivid, so alive, so touching, a tinge of sadness at the preciousness of it all. It almost aches with the pain of such unguardedness. These yummy sense-friends know everything about me; they've ventured all the way inside, unfolding their sweet presence into my cells. I am naked before them and they have fully exposed themselves to me. There is no turning from wild intimacy any longer.

All of these unique forms presenting themselves to be beheld—“Look at me!” “See me!” “Hold me!” “Enter all the way inside!,”—each offering a never-before-seen space-doorway into a mystery beyond words. Each with a slightly different signature and invitation, yet each somehow illumined from within by that same love that keeps the tides on time and the stars from falling out of the sky.

Another Monday, it would seem, but there is no way this has ever happened before… or ever will again. Please take the risk, friend, to see that there is nothing ordinary about a new day, ever. For this day is none other than a trembling eruption of pure grace. 

Sunday, June 29, 2014

For it is only through wild attunement

As we descend
below the storyline
and into the raw sensations
of somatic brilliance,
we may discover
that there is no suffering
inherent in the naked embrace
of sadness, hopelessness,
loneliness, and confusion.

For it is only
in the abandonment
of present experience
that suffering can take root
in our lives.

Though we may never fully understand,
the beloved will do anything
to reach us—to open and hold
the fragile radiance that we are.
As we open our senses
to the majesty that is forming
in the here and now,
we may find ourselves astonished
at the overflowing, full-spectrum
nature of her activity.

Let us proclaim together
that it is not an error
that we've been born
as sensitive human beings,
with raw and sometimes
broken-open hearts.

We need not 'fix' our vulnerability
or cover up our tenderness.
For it is only through wild attunement
to ripe bodies everywhere
that love is able to find
safe passage
in this world.  


Saturday, June 28, 2014

A golden drop of pure love

The beloved is wild, naked, and dancing in the forest of your heart, which is the wisdom-environment from which she weaves the energies of separation and union. She is sending forth her agents of sensitivity, vulnerability, sadness, and bliss, tuning your body so that you may connect with open hearts everywhere. She has even called in her allies of the phenomenal world—including the colors, aromas, and majestic visions—so that you may know the radiance that you are. 

Out of this forest you emerge as the one who has bears witness to the falling away of old dreams, playing in the pregnant field of hopelessness. There is no longer a bias for oneness over multiplicity, for joy over sorrow, or for light over dark, for you are equally committed to whatever appears, ready to transmute it into endless ways to help others. You have set aside all chasing of 'higher' states of consciousness, dreams of a future 'awakening,' and fantasies of a life of invulnerability. 

Whatever arises in your experience is none other than the path itself, revealed to be of the nature of untainted, translucent awareness. While everything in the inner and the outer continue to spin around you, you remain astonished as your body is crafted as a vessel through which a golden drop of pure love may pour into this world. 

Friday, June 27, 2014

The gift of pure rest

Please give yourself the gift of rest from trying so hard to 'change,' 'heal,' 'transform,' and 'awaken.' It can be so exhausting to chronically abandon the here and now in the name of great project of the improvement of 'me.' Take some time on this new day to set aside the frenetic scramble to be other than what you are.

Love yourself enough to set aside your questions and demand for understanding, even for a moment, and sink into your sacred body and senses, connect with the natural world, and with the aliveness within. Open your heart to the shimmering forms around you, blooming in front of your very own eyes and inviting you into union with natural radiant presence. Dare to consider that nothing is missing and nothing has gone wrong.

Allow today to be a day of solace from the weary journey, from finding 'answers' to questions, and from changing yourself from one thing into another. Whatever state of consciousness is arising now is the perfect place to start—to meet yourself, others, and the sacred world as if for the first time. You need not go anywhere else or become anyone else to know this. For love is forming as your body and your senses and your experience right here and right now.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

The sacred mandala of your luminous essence

The mystery of union
will never be solved,
for it unfolds
into eternity. 
There is always
deeper revelation,
further opening,
and more burning.

You might as well count on
more heartbreak, more vulnerability,
and endless deflation of separation,
for this is the role
of the beloved one
in your heart.

Allow him or her in one moment
to steal your breath,
and to reveal to you
the sacred mandala
of your luminous essence.

And then watch in awe
as the unknown
becomes your
true refuge, as your body
comes alive
in a field of
raging creativity.