Sunday, August 30, 2015

The beloved is already inside you

Go out under her tonight and surrender the dream of separation once and for all.

Receive the lunar one within and allow her to remove the veil between you and love forever.

While you may always continue to pretend you are hiding from him and he is hiding from you, the beloved is already inside you. 

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Wired for the unknown

The way of love will dissolve the dream that something is missing, however you must look carefully and see if this is what you truly want. For the price to pay for holy reorganization is the willingness, finally, to be no one.

In the meadow of the beloved, the delusion of specialness is removed. No more resting in the fantasy of the ‘awakened’ one, as the one who has it all together, and in the one who has ‘transcended’ the surging of wild vulnerability and unbearable, tenderizing heartbreak.

While you may become endlessly enamored of yourself, your realization, your power, and your solidity, the beloved has no interest in such things. She is prepared at any moment to seed your pathways with sacred deflation and liquefy the veil of the trance of ‘me.’ For he or she will do anything to unlock the chambers of love within you.

The risk in staying embodied to the truth of ‘no one’ is that you will end up a wandering refugee without hope, homeless and broken-open, without any prospect of resolving or coming to terms with the unprecedented, creative movement of love in your life.

Fortunately, it was never this certainty or this ground that you were really after anyway. For you are wired for the unknown – for wholeness, integration, and shimmering aliveness.

Open to the longing to return home, to rest in your true nature, as no one. Give everything to know the fragrance of this archaic homesickness, to be that vessel in which pure, tender, non-special love may come like a wildfire into this world, erupting through your body and your heart, leaving nothing but ashes of grace in its wake.

Photo by Gregory Colbert

Friday, August 28, 2015

A new groove of presence

The next time you feel triggered, pause and return your attention into your body. In just one instant of pure kindness, shift your awareness out of the spinning narrative and provide a holding environment for your immediate experience.

It may feel as if you need to turn away or to quickly seek relief, but this is the old groove that has been laid down in your network for billions of moments. Apply the enzyme of presence and offer metabolization to these ancient companions.

Lay down a new groove within you. And offer this electric new pathway to a weary world.

You are okay. Go slow. Stay with the sensations as they rise and fall in your belly, in your torso, and in your heart. You can hold and contain so much more than you imagine. Waves are washing in, not as obstacles or enemies, but as allies of integration, longing to be met and allowed back into the vastness.

As you return, over and over, into the aliveness of the somatic world, the tangles and the knots will dissolve by love. And all that will remain is a luminous field of awareness, warmth, and creativity. This is what you are.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

The unknown waves of the heart

There is such a deep wiring to bring relief to waves of intensity as they erupt in your tender nervous system, surging through your raw, achy heart.

“Oh, I know what this is” – this is ‘sadness,’ this is ‘heartbreak,’ this is ‘rage,’ this is ‘confusion.’ Or, if you’re a bit more ‘spiritual’ – it’s ‘kundalini,’ it’s the ‘powerful light of the Divine,’ it’s the ‘dark night of the soul,’ it’s the ‘Goddess’ coming alive within me. I know what it is and I am in control.

But the beloved is wild, untamed, and uninterested in the movement of the known. Within her body, love will never be pinned down, understood, or used. She is unleashing transmutation into and through you, but in ways the mind may never understand.

Receive her secret blessing and behold: you have no idea what ‘this’ is – for ‘this’ is holy and consecrated. You are standing on hallowed, unknown ground. Please honor what is moving within you.

You have never, ever met ‘this’ wave before. It is pure wisdom essence, longing for new form and seeking your unique, unprecedented somatic pathways, your neural network, and your heart as its crucible and vessel. Please provide safe passage to the emissaries of the beloved, as they appear in peaceful and wrathful forms, dancing this realm into being, come to remind you of the majesty of what you are.

While it may appear to be an ordinary Tuesday, nothing is ordinary in a star of love. If you had any idea of how rare it was here – or your role in the unfolding of the sacred world – you would die of pure astonishment.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

The gift of pure rest

It can be so exhausting, the unending struggle to become something other than what you are. Give yourself the gift of pure rest on this new day, sanctuary from the weary search to 'transform,' to 'heal,' and to transcend your unfolding, tender vulnerability.

Honor how tired you truly are, worn out from abandoning the here and now in the name of the great project of 'me.'

Of attracting things for 'me,' manifesting amazing stuff for 'me,' improving 'me,' 'creating' realities for 'me,' producing consistent feelings of happiness for 'me,' achieving greater 'empowerment' for 'me,' wiggling into 'higher states' of consciousness for 'me,' attaining incredible 'realizations' for 'me,' soul mates for 'me,' twin flames for 'me,' groovy spiritual careers for 'me,' a fabulous life purpose for 'me,' ‘awakening’ for ‘me’ - me, me, me, me.


You are alive, Now, and were never unhealed. There has never been an incomplete moment. You need not postpone your life any longer, until some inner or outer circumstance conforms to what you have been told you 'need.' Allow the dream that something is missing to return into the vast space of the heart.

The fruit of your search is always, already here. While your longing may take innumerable forms, it is only ever for your own presence. Peer behind the veil... and see.