Saturday, January 31, 2015

Into the portal of direct revelation

The longing, the burning, and the emotions that are surging now are not mistakes which must be corrected via spiritual process. They are not obstacles on your path, but are the very essence of the path itself. From the perspective of the mandala of confusion, there is chaos, disorganization, and break down. But from within the mandala of the beloved, it is pure cohesion, seamless integration, and unprecedented creativity. For you have stepped into the portal of direct revelation.

There are pathways of somatic wisdom being unlocked inside you that contain very important information for your journey. If you will provide safe haven for the aliveness within, you will meet the non-ordinary messengers of the heart. They are laying new neural grooves of love in your cell tissue at all times, harbingers of integration come to reveal the wholeness that is the signature of this dimension.

Nothing is missing, nothing is out of place, nothing need be sent away. Inside your body, in the center of your emotions, in the core of your present experience the sacred world is wild and alive. You are the heartbeat of the beloved. Slow way down. Recognize it. Feel it. Allow it. Infuse it with your just one moment of loving awareness. You have been brought to right here and right now, for this.

Art by Lyse Marion

Friday, January 30, 2015

This body is an invitation

Underneath the narrative of your life, just below the grand storyline, even beneath the colorful emotional landscape, there exists a rich, mysterious world of sensations – a somatically-organized field of intelligence, creativity, and aliveness. But there is no support here for personal identity; here, life is revealed to be much less about 'me' than we thought. There are no “problems” here, nothing to be fixed, cured, or shifted. There is only an untamed fire of presence.

In any moment, you can enter this field and come to see in a very drect way that whatever arises in your present experience – whatever thought, feeling, emotion, image, hope, fear, or longing – no matter how seemingly disturbing – is ultimately and immediately workable, and a portal into the great natural perfection. It is pure energy, weaved of the substance of sweet and fierce love.

Descending into the body, into this wide open, empty space can seem terrifying, because it is so unknown. You can no longer find many of the familiar reference points of the mind from which you have come to organize your life. There is no complaining here, no resentment, no 'understanding' - not even any 'transformation' or 'healing' as we have come to think of these terms. Nothing is 'unhealed' or in need of transformation. Just raw, naked, experience, free from interpretation.

The body is an invitation, an entryway into the freedom, love, and vastness that you are. For it is out of this alive, pregnant mandala of creativity that flow the qualities of kindness, compassion, attunement, and presence. This is what you are.

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Workshops/ retreats with Matt Licata and Jeff Foster

Dear friends, thank you for your notes regarding my retreat with Jeff Foster in April in Loveland, CO. The retreat is sold out and we are adding names to a wait list in case the venue is able to release additional seats. More information here.

There are still some spots left for our daylong gathering at the glorious StarHouse in the mountains outside Boulder, CO, on March 28. More information here.

Finally, our only European gatherings over the next 6-9 months will involve a 3-4 day retreat and one or two daylong programmes in Kent and London between 31 May and 7 June. Please stay tuned for details on our visit to the UK soon.

As you are passing from this world...

One day you will no longer be able to touch or share a moment with those that you love. When you turn to them, they will be gone.

One day will be your last to witness the immensity of a sunrise, to feel the lunar aliveness of the moon, and to enter into communion with the vastness of the ocean. It will be your last chance to feel the presence of a tree, to comfort a friend who is sad, or to weep as the light yields to the night sky. Your last chance to have a thought, feel an emotion, fall in love, smell a flower, taste sweetness, and know heartbreak, joy, and peace – to behold the implications of what it really means to be a raw, tender, sensitive human being.

What if today is that last day? Or tomorrow? Or later this week? Knowing death will come to complete the organic cycle of the beloved in the world of time and space, how will you respond to the breath that is moving within you right now, to the connection you feel with all things, and to the preciousness of the one standing in front of you? What would it be like to fully allow in the reality that today may be your last? Will you open your heart to the gift of life before it is too late?

As you are passing from this world, it is unlikely you will spend too much time dwelling on whether or not you met all your goals or perfected yourself, whether or not you succeeded in all your endeavors, made it big, played it safe, figured it all out, found and re-found your 'life's purpose,' were able to have others 'see you as you are,' or 'completed' your unending conventional or spiritual to-do lists. In this moment, perhaps only one question may remain: "How well did I love in this life?"

Perhaps your 'life's purpose' is to fully live, to touch each here and now moment with your presence and with the gift of your one, wild heart. Please don't forget how rare and precious it is here. And please don't forget what it is that really matters to you.

 Photo by Marc Adamus – "So long for this moment" at the BC/ Alaska border

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

You will never find more love

No matter how far away you feel – no matter how neurotic, confused, lost, alone, or disoriented – you are in the perfect place to take the next step: to meet whatever is arising in your experience with presence, with space, and with kindness. As you say 'yes' to the aliveness of the somatic world and give it room to unfold, it will whisper its secrets upon you.

Each moment of your life is an invitation to give yourself to this, over and over and over again. Each person that appears is the beloved in disguise, each color one of her emissaries, each fragrance an envoy of luminosity. Each feeling a pathway or portal of illumination. Look carefully and you will see. It is all valid and utterly workable. The path is everywhere.

The beloved is unfolding herself into this reality at all times, revealing the truth that you are always already whole. In just one sacred now moment, receive her transmission of cohesiveness, resonance, and integration. Peer behind the veil and step into the meadow of the heart.

Dare to see that nothing has gone wrong. Your emotions need not be 'healed,' but held, and provided sanctuary. You need not 'let them go' for they will let you go in the field of loving presence and non-abandonment. You have not failed, but are being invited into a wild truth of what you are, moment by moment: You will never find more love for love is what you are. You can rest now. And call off the weary search.