Wednesday, April 30, 2014

At times, you will be called to practice the yoga of a broken-open heart...

At times, you will be called to practice the yoga of a broken-open heart. You are willing to be touched by this life, for others to deeply matter, and to take the risk that intimate union will always demand. Yes, the ground is falling away, but you are being held now by the beloved and his or her unknown love for you.

It is true that in any moment your heart may break and that you may fall in love in the most excruciating way. But there is no day off for the yogini with the broken-open heart; for she never knows when love will need her, and what will be put before her very own eyes. She remains committed to being astonished at the wild movement of grace in this world.  

Friend, your only guide is the unknown and the only map is found inside the cells of your very own drippy heart.  This map is translucent and is being formed in the raging here-and-now by the particles of love themselves. Somehow, you are being carried by an unexplainable sort of heart-wisdom, naked in a field with your sweet beloved friend, dancing with him or her as you follow the moon around the galaxies together. 

~early morning, beholding the sweetest sunrise that has ever been, in the Boulder hills, playing hide and seek with the beloved one... with your heart resting in mine, sophialove

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Please come, friend, to an extraordinary meeting

There are pieces of you
wandering out in the cold.
Do you sense them nearby?

Your old friend sadness,
your long-lost
acquaintance shame,
and your faithful lover loneliness.
Even your ancient companions
anxiety and unlovability
have arrived.

Love has assembled them all
for an extraordinary meeting.

Will you gather these fellow travelers
and hold them close?
For they are weary
from a long journey.
Please don't abandon them,
for they come
seeking wholeness.

Stay close, for these ones
have appeared as
golden blue portals
into the mandala
of integration.

Step in and the beloved
will astonish you. 

Sunday, April 27, 2014

I have given the rose its secret essence

At times, you call out
for an end to the longing,
and for safe haven
from the burning within.
Just a moment of rest
from the ever-alive possibility
of breaking open
in each
and every moment.

But I would never make
that sort of agreement,
the beloved says!
For I love you too much.

If I do not enter
through your burning,
how will I ever show you
how whole
you really are?

I have given the rose
its secret essence,
and this weary world
must now know yours.

Ah, the more I burn,
the more translucent I become!
The more transparent I am,
the wilder we may
dance into eternity together,
tasting that honey-nectar that is
given only here.

Yes, love says,
this is it!

Photo credit: Marco Carmassi 

Saturday, April 26, 2014

The veils are opened just a bit

Sometimes you forget there is something more than love that really matters… you look up into the morning sky and are just not sure any longer… you know that somehow it must be possible for this life to give you more—more connection, more grace, more awakening, more intimacy, more joy, more lovers. You wonder if you’ve done something wrong: perhaps you’ve not prayed hard enough, or in the right way; meditated enough; served enough; been broken open enough; hurt enough; healed enough; opened enough; forgiven enough; let go enough, accepted enough.

And then in the next moment, the beloved sweeps away the display of separation and sends her envoy of colors into your world, to remind you that things here are rarely as they seem. The veils are opened just a bit, and you behold the creative display of the particles of love, shimmering and entering inside you. My god there is so much grace here.

It can be so hard, this path of re-embodiment and integration, but you have taken a vow to open your heart and to know love as the organizing principle of this reality. On the one hand, a part of you wishes you could rescind this vow—and maybe take another in its place. Oh, friend. Give it up. You are a burning vessel of the beloved and her mysteries; mad, crazy in love. Fall to the ground and die in astonishment.

And then in the next moment, you look back up into that same morning sky… though something seems a little different. It’s more vivid, more alive; the display is more magical somehow. Even the color purple is enough to take you to the ground, if it is allowed all the way in, if you will take it as your sweetest lover. There is birdsong that has come from another dimension. The smell of the blooming wildflower-friends take you apart, exposing how little you really know and how naked your heart really is. Your lovers are appearing everywhere!

Please take the risk to see that everything here is on your side. Life is always working for you and for love, though in ways you may never understand. 

Photo credit: wildflower-friends as portals into the realm of the beloved, by Kevin McNeal

Friday, April 25, 2014

Translucent portals into the direct transmission of love

Oh, friend, give it up. Let it all come apart. Surrender all hope for some grace that might come in the future. Let love have you. You can be who you are now. Finally. Rest. Watch as the ancient conclusion that you are fundamentally flawed, a cosmic sort of mistake, and unlovable as you are dissolves in the warmth of the holding field of the beloved.

Your tenderness, your aloneness, your brokenness, your sacred longing – these are your golden sanctuaries, and are appearing here and now as translucent portals into the direct transmission of love. 

At times you will fall apart, while at other times you will feel so together. But what you are is neither of these. You are the majestic, raging totality; a shimmering field of integration in which “apart” and “together” roar like a lioness throughout this world. 

The beloved will equally employ her emissaries of “together” and “apart” in order to evoke one of her qualities within you. With no bias for separation or union, light or dark, or broken or whole, all of your experience is revealed to be utterly valid, for your embodied vulnerability is the womb of this star-world. The beloved is looking for you and wants you exactly… as… you… are. Let his or her tender heart-breeze remove the veil.  

You are her blessed mess—gooey, sticky, and dripping with her holy qualities. You’ve been seen, and though it may seem disorienting at times, with no reference point to lean into, with no ground at all to rest in, you are being held in a golden vessel of love. It is all her erupting grace.

Come walk with me in her meadow.