Tuesday, June 30, 2015

A home for the guests of the somatic world

When we start to see how the creation of drama and conflict in our lives is maintained to help keep us out of very vulnerable states of being, we can then allow ourselves to simply lose interest in continuing with it. While this process is in many ways quite simple, it is not easy. For the drama and the conflict are protecting us from re-embodying to those feelings we have spent our entire lives ensuring that we just do not have to feel.

So many that I speak with are longing to feel alive, to be here fully, to participate in the miracle world which they sense is here, but just can’t… quite… reach. But we will never know this aliveness without turning back into our vulnerability, into the unresolved grief, sadness, loneliness, rage, confusion, and fear that up until now we would do just about anything to avoid.

As we are willing to stay close and practice intimacy with what is appearing moment by moment, and to re-train our nervous systems out of the habitual movement of fight/ flight/ freeze, we can then begin to infuse arising experience with space, with presence, with kindness, and with warmth. In this we can discover that the uninvited guests of the somatic world have not come to harm us but to reveal an already existing portal into love. Then, we may notice the compulsive need to generate additional drama and conflict very organically falling away. And in its place will appear a certain primordial kind of rest.

This doesn’t mean we’re ‘happy’ all the time or maintaining some new image of a life of invulnerability, continuous ground and certainty, hovering above it all as some detached ‘witness’ from the inherent messy mandala that love is. But somehow it’s all workable. It’s all valid. We’re willing at any moment to experience heartbreak, confusion, penetrating sadness, anxiety, even depression and rage. Each of these waves is allowed in the vastness of the heart, each worthy of your intimate presence, curiosity, and kindness.

It is in this commitment, to the truth of your experience, exactly as it is – over and over descending underneath the very colorful storyline and into the underlying energy of the waves of love, in whatever sweet or fierce form they take, that you will step into the aliveness that you are longing for, which is your very birthright. And it is by loving yourself in this way that the dramas of self-abandonment are extinguished, and you can fully be there for others.

Monday, June 29, 2015

Here in this body are the sun and the moon

There is a body inside the one that is visible that is a field of pure creativity. With the miracle of awareness, descend into inner space. The aliveness here is astonishing and will never betray you, if you will trust in the wisdom of your own direct experience. Slow way down. And trust.

All healing emerges out of the body. Whether sadness is there—or grief, anxiety, loneliness, joy, contentment, or bliss—the body is without bias. Just behind the veil the emissaries of the beloved are waiting, longing to awaken one of her fragrances within you. See that this nervous system is no ordinary meeting place, but is a mandala of crystalline luminosity, the alchemical ground where the great metabolization through love will occur.

As the great tantric sage Saraha reminds us, “Here in this body are the sacred rivers: here are the sun and moon as well as all the pilgrimage places... I have not encountered another temple as blissful as my own body.”

Photo by Professor Jay Pasachoff/ Williams College – the union of sun and moon

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Receive the transmission of primordial rest

It can be so exhausting, the ancient struggle to be something other than what you are. Give yourself the gift of sacred pause on this new day, sanctuary from the weary search to 'change,' to 'heal,' to 'transform,' and 'awaken.' You are tired, worn out from abandoning the here and now in the name of great project of the improvement of 'me.' Receive the transmission of primordial rest.

Set aside your questions and demand for clarity, certainty, and answers - and sink into the sensual world. Step into the mandala of inner and outer nature, and feel the aliveness that is here now. Open your heart to the shimmering forms around you, blooming in front of your very own eyes and inviting you into union with natural radiance. Dare to consider that nothing is missing and nothing has gone wrong. Allow the worn out grooves in your holy nervous system to be replaced by new neural pathways of presence and compassion.

Allow today to be a day of solace from the weary journey, from finding 'answers' to questions, and from changing yourself from one thing into another. Whatever state of consciousness is arising now is the perfect place to start - to meet yourself, others, and the sacred world as if for the first time. You need not go anywhere else or become anyone else to know this. For love is here right now.

Please don't forget who you are

Out of the mandala of wholeness emerges the one who has renounced all hope and fear. For her, there is no longer a bias for oneness over multiplicity, joy over sorrow, or for light over dark, for she is equally committed to whatever appears, prepared in any moment to participate fully, and ready to transmute any raw material into skillful means to help others.

She has lost all interest in any state of consciousness other than this one, other than the outrageous gift that is emerging out of the beloved in the wildness of the here and now. Dreams of a grace coming in the future, awakening in the days to come, and fantasies of a life of invulnerability have dissolved into the fires of transformation.

Whatever arises in her experience is none other than the path itself, revealed to be of the nature of untainted, translucent awareness. While everything in the inner and the outer continue to spin around her, she remains astonished as the substance of love drips from her body and out into the sacred world.

Please don’t forget who you are.

Artist unknown

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Sacred pathways of attunement

As love takes form as your miracle emotions, sensations, feelings, and as the achy aliveness of your one, beating heart – slow way down. It may seem like another ordinary Saturday, but within the somatic brilliance that you are, new grooves are forming and deepening in your holy nervous system. Sacred pathways are being laid down – of awareness, sensitivity, empathy, attunement, and compassion.

It is inside these pathways that the beloved is resting, welcoming you back home into the mandala where you have always been together, where you have actually never left, where you will be crafted as a vessel to carry love into this world.

As you are discovering, it is not always sweet, peaceful, and light here – at times the beloved will invoke her emissaries of wrath, energies of fierceness, and allies of the dark, in order to show you something about love that you may have forgotten. Stay close.

Look carefully and see that your present, alive experience need not be ‘healed,’ but finally held. Dare to see that you were never ‘unhealed.’ To allow in the implications of this will end one world so that another may be birthed.