Thursday, July 27, 2017

Be touched. Be vulnerable. Be alive.

There was an idea that as we healed, we would feel less – less shakiness, confusion, hopelessness, and rage. That as we awakened, the emotional spectrum would narrow, into some safe, consistent, happy, resolved calm, where we become impenetrable, where only flow and bliss and power emerged.

But when did power ever become the goal? Or untouchability? Love is not interested in that, not impressed by our power or invincibility. It is full-spectrum and longs for all of us, wants our burning, and yearns to penetrate even the most hidden, vulnerable places.

Maybe some old hope that as our hearts opened, the sensitivity would diminish, we’d be less at risk, feel safe all the time, and dwell eternally and gratefully “in the now.” But we are more unmasked, more raw, and more exposed than ever.

We wondered if we would be more detached, not care quite so much, not give a fuck, and rest as the “witness” beyond it all, protected from the fire of life in some safe place of observation. But everything and everyone matter now more than ever… though in a new way. It is risky to care and to give a fuck. Yet here we are.

It can be a bit disorienting to discover that love has very little interest in our safe witnessing, in our ability to manifest some sort of invulnerable state, and in being untouchable. Be touched. Be vulnerable. Be alive. Finally. Let it all fall apart for once, take a risk, get your heart broken. Fail brilliantly.

This shaky, raw, naked life is your true home. It is full-spectrum and overflowing with the qualities of warmth, kindness, creativity, spontaneity, and play. Rest there. Dance there. Remember what you are. For this world needs you now more than ever.

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Tuesday, July 25, 2017

A guide of aliveness

It's okay to feel down, flat, a bit numb, and to be unsure about it all. It’s okay to forget who you are and why you have come here. Love will take infinite forms, even those of confusion, uncertainty, and forgetfulness, as it erupts here into the world of time and space.

It's okay for your heart to break when the forms of love dissolve around you, for this is their nature. Coming together and then falling apart, only to come together and fall apart again. Such is the dance of the great mystery as it unfolds. The birth and crumbling of form is not evidence of error or mistake, but of just how creative it really is here.

You need not shift your raw, tender unknowing into some "higher" vibration, or apply teachings so that it will transform into something else. It need not be let go, mended, or turned from, ever again. In the naked embrace of the life that is within you, it will self-liberate and reveal its nature.

Your shaky, open sensitivity is complete and pure on its own. It is a bridge of light and dark through which you can connect with life, with the sun, the trees, the moon, and the stars. And with the open, sometimes broken, sometimes whole hearts of beings everywhere.

Stay close to your disappointment, the tenderness, and the breaking of your heart, for this deflation is a special emissary of reorganization. Rather than turn from it, shame it, dissociate, or enter into battle, surround it with the warmth of your own presence. Intimacy, without fusion. Go there.

In this way the heartbreak will be revealed to be what it is, a hidden wisdom-guide of aliveness, come to remind you of something you may have forgotten in the course of a busy life, and just how vast it is inside you.

Art by Robert Jahns aka Nois7

My new book – The Path Is Everywhere: Uncovering the Jewels Hidden Within You – is now available 

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Sunday, July 23, 2017

A compassionate confrontation

It is by way of compassionate confrontation of the shaky, the raw, the tender, and the vulnerable that we dance within the opposites and provide sanctuary for the unconscious to come into form. It is always possible to weave a new story, to dream a different dream, and to discover new meaning.

Though often forgotten in the busyness of the inner and outer worlds – and entangled in the unending conventional and spiritual to-do lists – the allies are never far. Whether taking form as another person, a feeling, the moon, an animal, or a vision, love is at all times shifting shapes in order to make itself known here.

At times, the ally will appear in sweet, peaceful, and calming forms; obvious, noticeable, and easy to integrate. Let us be grateful for the messengers of the light when they dance in clear form.

At other times, the manifestation will be fierce, wrathful, and of the dark, oriented not in peace, but in wholeness. While not as natural, we can come to be grateful for this one as well, who despite its appearance, has come not to harm, but to reveal. All revelation requires both creation and destruction. We cannot have one without the other.

Inside the darkness is a jewel only found there. It is not containable by the light and not accessible by pathways of clarity, certainty, quiet, and peace. While the mind may turn from the love and creativity buried inside the shadows, the heart knows. The body knows.

My new book – The Path Is Everywhere: Uncovering the Jewels Hidden Within You – is now available 

The Way of Rest summer retreat – as of June 30 there are a few seats left