Thursday, April 30, 2015

A non-ordinary gold

As you take the risk of intimacy and allow another to matter to you, it is inevitable that just by being themselves they will provide you with a sacred opportunity to come into direct contact with your core vulnerabilities.

While there may always be a part of you that resents them for this, you might consider bowing before the altar of the ‘great other,’ for it is by way of creating a home for the split off pieces of your heart and your psyche that a portal opens, unlocking the crucible of metabolization.

Inside this crucible, base metals are being converted to gold before your very eyes. But this is not an ordinary gold. Each time you stay within yourself and choose the path of non-abandonment, the somatic field is washed with the non-ordinary gold of the beloved, which is none other than the substance of pure, transmuting love.

Art from the glorious Red Book by Jung

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

The revelation of pure wisdom essence

When you become aware of the experience, "I'm sad," see that it is an act of love to return your sacred attention into your body, sending your awareness into the very core of what is present in the here and now.

Slowly, with your unconditional vow and commitment to self-kindness, allow the "I am" to fall away, such that only 'sadness' remains. And then drop the word 'sadness,' allowing yourself to mingle your awareness with the pure energy that is there.

Oxygenate it with your breath and wash it with your loving presence.

It is then that the true nature of the feeling will reveal itself, as pure wisdom essence.

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Dissolved in the crucible of rewiring tenderness

At times, the only home you can find is one crafted of light particles of pure homelessness. No matter how much you thought you knew about love, about yourself, about why you have come here, and about how it was all going to turn out, these reference points are ground to dust in the radiant here and now. Dissolved into the crucible of rewiring tenderness.

Though this home is not a solid one, laden with promises, dreams, and future oriented around ‘me’ and my ‘needs,’ it is an environment of love from which you will move to connect with beings everywhere. Out of this home you will wander and seed your heart and your essence out into a precious, weary world.

The only ground left is that of a vulnerable, yet raging alive groundlessness. Anything could happen and nothing will ever be the same – that much is clear. You are utterly exposed, blown open, yet excruciatingly present to what is happening. It is so clear now that things will never turn out the way you thought they would. You are being asked to allow the old dream of 'me' to die, over and over and over again, with no idea, yet, of what will be reborn out of the ashes of integration.

It feels as if you are falling apart, yes, but even that idea dissolves into empty space as you realize you were never 'together' to begin with.

No matter how it may appear, love is always holding you. But this holding will never be understood by the mind or apprehended through the known. It will never conform to your hopes and fears as it is an emissary of pure, transmuting creativity. It is the portal into a new world.

Monday, April 27, 2015

You will never find more love

It can be astonishing to discover that no matter how much you try, how intently you seek, how much you surrender, stay in the now, meditate, pray, or practice laws of attraction… that you will never, ever find more love. For love is what you are.

It is not waiting around the corner in some dreamed up future or coming as the result of a weary, worn out search. It is the very substance of your nervous system, taking shape as the cells of your heart, and lighting up the synapses which are firing in your miracle brain. It is what allows you to receive the transmission of the blue ones at sunset, to meet the longing of the birds at dawn, and to feel the breeze of the beloved as it penetrates and enters inside you.

Look carefully for love is emerging in the resplendency of the here and now as your arms when you hold another close to you. It is appearing as your heart when you attune to the unfolding of another's present experience, allowing it to be exactly as it is. It is surfacing as your words when you speak kindness and as your tongue as you taste the honey-nectar of the beloved as it arrives by way of the body of your sweet lover.

Somehow, by some outrageous grace, a new day has been given. There is no greater miracle than this. Allow yourself to receive the benediction of pure presence, for it is your birthright. It is wired inside you and yearning to erupt from your untamed sensual majesty. For when it does, an avalanche of clear beauty is unleashed, sending love stories, wild music, and fiery poetry into the stars and supernovas, seeding the galaxies with your unique light.

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Erupting with pure, transmuting creativity

The sacred world is wild and alive, and is not organized around ‘me,’ my hopes and fears, my list of ‘needs,’ or my vast spiritual accomplishments and realizations.

It is raw, naked, and erupting with pure, transmuting creativity. There is no past here, no future, and no evidence of a personal, continuous, solid sense of a self that continues through time.

Inside the gates of this mandala there is no longer a bias for one ‘state’ over another, for certain feelings instead of others, for fantasies of a life of invulnerability, or anything other than the majestic, full-spectrum unfolding of embodied presence.

Rather, the sacred world is organized around love, which is the end of the seeker altogether, the dissolving of narcissistic process, and provides no support for self-abandonment of any kind.

All that is left is the dark and light brilliance of the path itself and the open activity of the beloved as she descends from the stars and up out of the gooey, muddy earth, seeding your ripening body with her qualities.

We must look carefully and see if this is what we are actually interested in.