Friday, July 31, 2015

I'd rather be with you

Earlier this afternoon, I fell into a confused sleep. In my dream a blue moon appeared with an offer: to remain with her in heaven forever, eternally overflowing with her divine presence and endless grace… or to trade it all in for just one moment with you.

Would I give it all away, she asked: all known and unknown heavens, all known and unknown universes, all known and unknown gods and goddesses, infinite fragrances of paradise, ecstasy, and bliss – every blue moon from now until eternity – for just one moment… losing myself in your eyes, touching and holding you near, and resting as one in union.

The most exquisite blue moon that has ever been: beyond words, beyond sacred, beyond holy, beyond time and space altogether – the purest of all divine revelation. The most lovely view of heaven, but I’d rather be with you. 

Thursday, July 30, 2015

The seed of deflation

You need no longer struggle to maintain a state of ‘positivity.’ You can remove the burden to always be happy, to have it all together, and to know what is coming next. Allow the aggression of the positive to fall away into the mandala of wholeness.

The erupting path of the heart will never conform to your hopes, dreams, and fantasies. How fortunate. Rest in the achy truth that the role of the beloved is to seed deflation in the field of being. While the mind will spin to interpret this disillusionment as a mistake, it is pure and sacred, a holy gift given only to you.

Yes, awakening may always be disappointing, from the perspective of hope and fear. In this sense, the journey is eternally hopeless. But it is in the weaving of a home for your hopelessness – and in the providing of safe passage for it to unfold and illuminate – that the dimension of love will open.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

A sanctuary of presence

After trying all the practices, techniques, and ways of transformation, only one remains: to do nothing.

You need not understand, shift, or heal the material arising in your tender nervous system. What you are is a sanctuary of presence, in which the fires of the emotional world can come to rest.

It is inside the gates of this sanctuary that this sacred material is being assembled, re-configured, and metabolized by love.

Photo by Alexis Mire

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

As the trance dissolves into warm, luminous space...

Descending into the vast intelligence of the body can feel terrifying, as there is no support there for the dream of unworthiness. There is no evidence of a problem, that you have failed, or that something must urgently be remedied.

There is only slow, raging presence and wild alive heart-vision.

As your awareness shifts from the archaic narrative that something is wrong and into the pure creativity of the somatic landscape, the trance dissolves into warm, luminous space.

While the mind is unable to find its way here – and a certain confusion or homesickness may appear – the emissaries of love will be waiting there to hold you, and introduce you to a new world.

Art by Elena Ray

Monday, July 27, 2015

It's okay to feel sad

It's okay to feel sad. It's okay that a shaky uncertainty has come to reorient your world. These ones have appeared to midwife the death of an old dream, so that new forms of love and creativity may emerge. 

  Art by Toshiyuki Enoki

Sunday, July 26, 2015

An unwavering faith in love's perfection

There are times when you believe that there really is something more than love that matters. As you wake, the familiar longing in your heart, the rawness of it all, of being a human being. You look up into the sky and wonder… you’re just not sure…

And then it hits you. You fall to the ground. You can barely breathe. The veil is parted. You are alive. This is a very, very rare birth. And something not to take for granted. For even one more moment. Despite the struggles, the pain, the confusion, and the raging feelings of aloneness, things are not what they seem here in a star of love. For you never know if there is another mandala in which love is alive…

One day you will no longer be able to touch or share a moment with those that you love. When you turn to them, they will be gone.

One day will be your last to witness the immensity of a sunrise, to feel the lunar blessing of the moon, and to feel what it is like to have a human heart. It will be your last chance to feel the presence of a tree, to comfort a friend who is sad, or to weep as the light yields to the night sky. Your last chance to have a thought, feel an emotion, fall in love, smell a flower, taste sweetness, and know heartbreak, joy, and peace – to behold the implications of what it really means to be here.

What if today is that last day? Or tomorrow? Or later this week? Knowing death will come to complete the organic cycle of the beloved in the world of time and space, how will you respond to the breath that is moving within you right now, to your connection with all things, and to the preciousness of the one standing in front of you? What would it be like to fully allow in the reality that today may be your last? Will you open your heart to the gift of life before it is too late?

As you are passing from this world, it is unlikely you will spend too much time dwelling on whether or not you met all your goals or perfected yourself, whether or not you succeeded in all your endeavors, made it BIG, played it safe, found your ‘soul mate,’ figured it all out, found and re-found your 'life's purpose,' were able to have others 'see you as you are,' or 'completed' your unending conventional or spiritual to-do lists. In this moment, perhaps only one question may remain: "How well did I love in this life?"

Perhaps your 'life's purpose' is to fully live, to touch each here and now moment with your presence and with the gift of your one, wild heart. Please don't forget how rare and precious it is here. And please don't forget what it is that really matters to you.

As you gaze back up at that same summer sky, something seems just a bit different now. You behold Venus, the moon, the stars, the birds – even the color blue is enough to take you to the ground, revealing a portal into unimaginable grace. There is no tomorrow. There is no ‘next moment.’ You are here… ground to dust in the immensity of it all… with nothing left other than an unwavering faith in love’s perfection.