Saturday, March 29, 2014

Matt Licata - Opportunties to work together

Psychotherapy/ Counseling. Starting in April, I'm going to open my practice on Fridays at my office in Boulder. Unfortunately, at this time, there are no openings on any other days throughout the week. Please contact me by private message for additional information.

Skype/ phone sessions. I do offer one-on-one sessions by Skype and phone, however my schedule is generally (over) booked 3-4 weeks in advance. If you are interested in a session via Skype or phone, please contact me by private message for additional information.

MA/ PhD mentoring. I will be serving as academic/ thesis/ dissertation advisor for a small cohort of students seeking graduate degrees in Transpersonal Psychology, Somatic Psychology, Counseling Psychology, and Consciousness Studies, via International University of Professional Studies. If you are interested, please read through the University's website, and contact me by private message with questions.

Spiritually-oriented Therapy Group. I am collecting a list of those who might be interested in an ongoing, in-person therapy group in Boulder, to start in the summer or fall. We would likely meet one evening each week, for 2-3 hours. If you are interested, please contact me by private message for additional information. 

Thank you. 

Trust in the majesty of the luminous somatic world

It's okay
to feel broken
and to allow sadness
to come and reorient
your world.

Before you turn
from your tenderness,
just this once,
will you allow it to wash
and purify you?

Trust in the majesty of
the luminous somatic world,
as it is the secret
waterfall transmission,
revealing in every moment
that you and the beloved
are one. 

Friday, March 28, 2014

Embracing the yoga of a broken heart

At times a broken heart will appear as your teacher, calling you to practice the yogas of sadness and vulnerability.

At times you may see that the yoga of a broken heart is the highest path for you and will ask that you set aside all others, placing your tenderness and your wild aloneness upon the altar in front of you. Please do not abandon your brokenness, subjecting it to the yogas of transformation. Stay close.

Though you may never fully understand, the beloved will do anything to reach you. Nothing has gone wrong and no mistake has been made. It is not an error that you have been born as a sensitive human being, with a wide open and sometimes broken heart. You need not fix your vulnerability or cover up your tenderness. For it is through your sensitivity that love will flood the four directions.

As a messenger of the totality, the beloved is always with you, your eternal friend, weaving the particles of wisdom within you. Stay embodied to your precious vulnerability and allow yourself to be washed out by love, so that you may give yourself to the sacred world. 

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Stay close

There is a bridge
to the unseen
that the beloved
has crafted
only for you.

But this bridge
is not made of
ordinary materials.

It is woven of
particles of love,
of pieces of your
own tender heart.

Stay close to your sadness,
to your aloneness,
and to your vulnerability,
for these are the portals
through which the beloved
is calling you Home. 

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

The unleashing of love in this weary world

Though it can be so hard to hold sometimes, we are seeing that love has not come to provide resolution to our burning, but to reveal how infinite and alive we really are. Let us remove the burden from love to provide safety, certainty, and ground, and to meet the endless requirements of our needs, hopes, and fears. Let us unleash love in this weary world, and remove it from the shackles of our unlived lives. 

If we choose to enter into the dimension of love, let us do so carefully, as we will be risking all that we thought we were and needed. For love will always burn away everything that is less than whole within us, to reveal the totality. It moves by way of eternity, weaving the energies of creation, maintenance, and destruction in order to grind the known into the ashes of the unknown, so that we may be recycled as both sweet and fierce grace as it pours throughout the seen and unseen worlds. 

Though we know that there may always be longing, pain, heartbreak, and sadness, we also know the only choice is to allow love to burn. We will allow ourselves to touch the preciousness and the tenderness of this place, and we will give our heart to others. For this is why we have come here.