Sunday, June 30, 2013

Love comes heralding the end of your world

It is easy to forget that opening the heart may not actually feel good
But it was never designed to do that
Your heart does not open so that you might experience certain states of consciousness instead of others, so that you can have certain feelings instead of others, so that you can sort your experience into higher and lower, awakened and unawakened, self and no-self, spiritual and non-spiritual; for these biases remain alive only within an environment of fear and distance
Your heart opens so that a crack might appear, to remind you that your dreams of a life of invulnerability are a fantasy; revealing that your vulnerability is the gateway
Love comes heralding the end of your world, and it is through this reorientation of everything you thought you knew that love can finally find its way through

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Love appearing in drag

Enter deeply into your neurosis, your anxiety, your panic, your confusion, your suffering, your fear, and your grief – get to know its textures, its qualities, its fragrances, and allow it to take you into the secret chamber hidden inside your own body. Here, what you are as primordial awareness itself does not have a bias for wisdom over neurosis, for joy over grief, or for higher over lower – for each of these energies is crafted out of the same illumined particles of consciousness. As you travel deeper into the mysteries of the body, it is shown that these forms are no different from the ground of awareness itself; love is appearing in drag as the observer, the observed, and the process of observation. 

Every state of mind is revealed as a jeweled passageway of consciousness – sometimes illuminated, sometimes darkened – beckoning you to mingle your essence with the essences of love being birthed there. As you journey through these passageways, meeting the gifts that have been placed along the way, according to an intelligence from beyond, you may discover that it is possible to even enjoy your neurosis, for you may find that it is not what it appears. Your neurosis is revealed to be made of that same substance which illumines all form – that empty, resplendent, intelligent creativity which is eternally seeking to share its essential qualities with you. It calls out: you need not transform me, heal me, cure me, spiritualize me away with your teachings and techniques – for I, too, am the pathway home. Come close, let me show you everything.

Friday, June 28, 2013

Love is now the organizer

We long for a formula, a secret, a guru, a special state of consciousness that will bestow the fundamental resolution we so long for. We’ll give anything, do anything, believe anything, surrender to anything, pay anything. But there is a part of us that knows that life is not resolvable, that inside the realm of the beloved it is acausal, ahistorical, groundless, uncertain, sticky, messy, and gooey. Within her mandala, our fables of “awakening” disintegrate; there is no support for egoic process, and no longer any scaffolding to prop up the awakened “me.” These structures were birthed by the mind and maintained by maya for her own agenda, the seeding of illusion.

Yet nonetheless we experience the constructed states of consciousness that are promised, the pre-fabricated “shifts” of one thing into another, we proclaim to the world how we “have no self” – we’re doing everything right. The only problem is that in the very next moment love is there to meet us, and it isn’t interested; for it is creative and it comes to transform. The mind spins. The heart breaks. The body opens. All images – spiritual and otherwise – are consumed by its raging fire. It is a fire of grace, burning up all that is false. All that remains is a wild uniqueness that is you, as you are; but it is a “you” that you are just meeting for the first time. The known is no longer your reference point, maya becomes disinterested, you have no idea how to be, how to live, how to organize your reality. Fortunately, you need not know any of this, for love is now the organizer. 

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Behind the scenes where the stars are made

When sadness calls, when confusion appears, when shame arrives, when anxiety comes for tea, do not mistake them for ordinary visitors, for they have been sent from beyond. Each emerges out of the unknown offering an invitation for you to take a sacred pilgrimage. If you accept, you are taken on a journey into the cells of your own heart, through the strands of your DNA, sailing down the holy river that is your own body. You are bewildered as you are now behind the scenes where the stars are made, which is inside you. You see that love is washing your organs, filling you with its essence, and preparing your senses for what is next.

It may seem like an ordinary Wednesday, but there is nothing ordinary here; everything that appears is lit up from the inside by luminous particles of awareness. Love calls out: please come to know the experience that has been given to you, right here, right now, as it is. You need not seek any other; you need not exit into some “higher” state of consciousness, into some fable of awakening, or into the grace that you have been told will come in the future. Stay here, stay close, and allow me all the way inside. 

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Inside the broken-open heart

Inside the broken-open heart it is unbearably alive
The world cries out for you to mend the brokenness
Yet there is another longing to stay broken, to befriend the sadness, to hold the loneliness
There are colors in the sky that could never be seen
There is a scent in the jasmine that could never be known
There are sensations in the breeze that could never be felt… until this moment
It is only within the broken-open heart that the unseen can reveal itself

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Love is looking for you

Love is looking for you for it wishes to know itself through your body and your senses. Let your heart break open, feel everything. The “ego, the “self,” the “personality,” conflict, confusion, fear, anxiety, depression – all is welcome here, all are doorways of grace, all is god. Resist the temptation to wage a cosmic spiritual battle with what you have been taught is “lower,” “lesser,” unspiritual, unawakened – traveling into some pre- fabricated place where you will be untouched forever. Be touched, friends, fully, all the way, care so much that all you ever want is to be touched, to be touched even deeper, and even deeper than that - torn apart by love and its movement.