Thursday, May 30, 2013

Enter here... with your wide-open heart as the only guide that could ever be

When we choose intimate relationship as the crucible for our own awakening, we make an open invitation to all that is unresolved to come to the surface, to show us the areas of our bodies, our psyches, and our hearts that are calling out for love, attention, and awareness. Just being around the “other” will be sure to trigger this process and to open us into the unknown where we no longer have any reference point from which to organize our experience. We will be asked to stay very close to our somatic reality and to burn up in our habitual ways of responding to difficult sensations, feelings, and emotions. We come to know that each has an important message to deliver, that each come as messengers of the ever-transformative movement of love. We are not guided to meditate or pray more, engage in ritual, recite mantras or affirmations, or move toward healing or transformation of any kind – only to burn. 

In my experience, most have a much greater capacity to do this than they may believe, but it does require a certain courage, fearlessness, and deep longing to know who we are at the deepest levels. It requires an ongoing commitment to train ourselves to not automatically act out of that which is unresolved within us, out of our hopes, dreams, pain, fear, and images, even the spiritual ones. It requires that we learn to stay, to not abandon the “other,” whether that “other” is our partner or our own somatic experience or our own tender heart. For in that moment, these are one and not separate. The path laid out before us is often directly into the scary places, and the only guide is your own wide open heart. 

It can be helpful to look into each of our relationships to start to see the landscape of the (unconscious) agreements we’ve made with the other to avoid the experience of too much exposure, nakedness, rawness, uncertainty, and vulnerability. It is easy and quite natural to unconsciously start to define a “good” relationship or a “great” partner as one who doesn’t really question these agreements, and who supports our enacting of the mechanisms of survival which arose (intelligently) out of our childhoods of origin. It doesn’t take much – just one word or not returning a phone call or a quick glance or some apparent coldness or distance – and we are vulnerable, unprotected, unsure, the ground has slipped away for just a moment. It is by entering this groundlessness directly, by coming unbearably close to it, tasting it, touching it, feeling its contours, caring enough about it, that the past can become metabolized and fully integrated into what we are. And in this we see that life is not actually what we think, that nothing in reality actually corresponds to our concepts; we see so clearly how awareness is curative in and of itself, and how fortunate we are to have this unique opportunity to bear witness to how love is moving in this world. 

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Love is always choosing you

There is a deeply wired-in part of us that wants love to feel safe. But love can never be safe as it transforms everything it comes in contact with. It is it's nature to re-arrange, re-order, re-design, and alter all that it touches. In this way, it can never provide the ground that we believe we want. We think that this safety is what we're after, but when it's all said and done the longing that was placed inside each of us is for love to do with us what it will, to pour through us and to show us the totality of what we are. We want our intimate relationships to provide safety, surety, certainty, and to confirm what it is we know - and of course these qualities do arise within the field of love as love is the ground of all qualities. But love is transformative by nature and seeks to re-wire everything in its pathway, to bring into the light each and every quality of our being, to introduce us to what is unknown, to show us its majesty.

When our lives become organized around the movement of this sort of intelligence, this type of creativity, nothing can ever be the same again. We see that this love is not personal, never has been, and never will be. In this way, to choose love is to choose death, the death of all that is false, all that is separate, all that is less than whole. We see that we could never choose love because to do so would be to choose the end of "me" and everything I thought was important and necessary. But in one moment, one that is totally out of time, you see that love is always choosing you, and longs in its own way for you to allow yourself to receive its invitation. 

Saturday, May 25, 2013

I am a naked man standing inside a mine of rubies

I am a naked man standing inside a mine of rubies,
clothed in red silk.
I absorb the shining and now I see the ocean,
billions of simultaneous motions
moving in me.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

If the only prayer you ever say in your whole life is "thank you," that would suffice...

If the only prayer you ever say in your whole life is "thank you," that would suffice. 
-Meister Eckhart

We are quite sure that tomorrow will come, that the most sacred in-breath and out-breath will be there, that grace will take shape as the sun falling into the ocean, that the love that animates this body will continue to take form in such a rare way. But some part of us knows that it is really so fragile here, so precarious, so extraordinary, that this life is not what we think, and that it will be returned to love very soon. It is too much, though, to let this in all the way, as we know that do so would change everything.

We really are on borrowed time, a loan of grace directly from the cells of the heart of the beloved. Yet we know that she will be asking for this unbearably precious gift to be returned soon, so that she may recycle the uniqueness that you are and swirl it out through this and all universes. She will paint the stars in the sky with the essence of what you are, with the signature of your unique soul, and with each and every light strand of your DNA. She will take every word of sweetness that you have ever uttered, every act of kindness you have ever performed, every moment of humility and longing in your heart, and use it to touch sentient life everywhere. And what you are will then pour through every shooting star that will ever fall through the sky again, into eternity; the dust of the stars and the dust of your heart weaved back into one substance.

So let us take just a moment and say thank you, and to get real clear about what it is we are ready to give, what is really and truly most important, and what is falling away. 

- Matt Licata

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Let love have you

How naked will we allow ourselves to be – with our friends, our lovers, our children, our parents, with the one who checks us out at the grocery store, with the natural world; with ourselves as we really are? How deeply will we allow everything to matter, to be touched by this life, to be unbearably moved by how rare and precious this opportunity really is? It can be terrifying to set aside the images of ourselves, especially the spiritual ones, and to stand utterly exposed, without any reference point to tell us who and what we are. It can be disorienting and confusing here; it is so alive and so pregnant with the unknown; here, there is no longer any ground, for we know that in any moment love can and will have its way with us. We come to see that we have taken some crazy vow to let love have us.

In one instant of caring enough, of opening enough, of risking enough, of undressing enough, it is revealed that what we are as awareness itself, as love itself, offers absolutely no support for our personal identity projects. Love reveals that it cares nothing for us becoming someone, establishing some new spiritual identity, developing yet another reference point to organize our lives around, yet one more way to remain separate from love, safe from its utterly transforming flames.

Love calls out, thundering through your heart – come closer, undress, get naked, run through the woods with me, fall into the ocean, drown with me… but who is chasing whom? Fall in love, fall apart, be broken open, let me shatter every image and fantasy about who you are and what this life is. Let me use your body and your psyche and your heart and your hands to show you something; let me use even your cells and organs and blood and DNA as pathways of my sweetness, of my fierceness, of my reassembling of your entire world. There is something happening here, love says, that is beyond the beyond, that will never be pinned down or resolved, will never be contained by the conceptual. Take your clothes off – your physical clothes, your emotional clothes, your spiritual clothes, your heart-clothes – and let me show you.