Wednesday, December 28, 2016

You are right on track

As you attune to the “other” in front of you – as well as to the emerging disowned “other” within – a third presence will fill the space between, forming a vessel of sanctuary to hold the pieces of the broken world. There is something unique, precious, and provocative about the relational field and its ability to illuminate the heart, and to reveal that which has yet to be integrated.

The psyche is infinitely creative and will use unmet emotion, vision, longing, and dreams to reach you, in its unending quest for wholeness. The waves of anxiety, the whispers of hopelessness, the unresolvable and contradictory feelings. There is meaning embedded into these attempts at communication, but non-ordinary perception is required to uncode it. To do so, you must move against the stream of a world that has disavowed the jewels buried in the rich soil of the dark.

Something is disintegrating, and old forms are falling away. What once seemed so important no longer is. The identities you needed to maintain no longer seem so compelling. Your relationships, your work in the world, the way you spend your time… these are all aching to be reconfigured and brought back into alignment with the deepest truths you have discovered. The old hopes and dreams have lost their magnetic charge, but have not yet been replaced by new vision. Where you were going to find meaning and depth has been called into question.

You are alive. Stay near. You are right on track.

It is natural to grieve the dissolution of form, for this is a requirement to prepare the field for sacred reconfiguration. The path of the heart is always of the unknown and is full-spectrum in its nature. It will ask everything of us, and even more than that, and yet even more. While there is never a day off, really, for the traveler of the heart, it is a journey which bears fruit beyond imagination. Anything less will never meet the longing within you.

Photo by Julien Orre