Saturday, December 10, 2016

Open to the revelation

As an open, sensitive human being, at times you will become hooked into shame and blame, and the inner family will assemble. This is not a sign that you have failed, but that you are alive. The invitation here is one of intimacy and embodiment.

Not only will the invited guests appear – the peaceful allies of joy, contentment, peace and bliss – but the uninvited will surge as well, the wrathful allies of despair, hopelessness, deflation, and confusion.

While it is tempting to leave the fires of somatic immediacy and to return back into the safer ground of conceptual interpretation, you do so at the risk of aliveness. What is arising is unprecedented, overflowing with intelligence and creativity, and longing for reunion in the vastness that you are.

Gathering in the here and now are images, perceptions, and rich, sensory data – your fellow journeyers on the path ahead. Slow down and offer sanctuary for the tired travelers, for they have something important to share. They are weary from billions of moments of attempting to reach you, but remain steadfast in their vision.

Feel the earth supporting you – the sun, the moon, the trees, and the stars – as you renew your vow to not abandon yourself any longer. Turn into the vivid landscape of your inner world, and open to the revelation.

Photo by Collin Bogle