Sunday, November 13, 2016

Trust in the fires of disintegration

Maybe there was an idea that as you awakened the spectrum would narrow. That you would feel less. Maybe care less. That your sensitivity, your vulnerability, the rawness… that these would dissolve into some state of invincibility. That somehow you would transcend the erupting reality that the beloved could come in at any moment and remove the rug from underneath you.
But love is always asking us to feel more, to meet and touch and infuse the full range of the spectrum, to use whatever comes our way as a sacred (yet often wrathful) ally as we are crafted into a more luminous vessel for love to come alive here.
As the veil parts and your perception is cleansed, what remains is unknown. It is not approachable from what has come before. Somehow this is both exhilarating and terrifying at the same time. We are in the realm of pure creativity, which will never, ever conform to our hopes, fears, preferences, and dreams.
Something new is being born inside you, but something else has fallen away. An old dream, an outdated vision, a second-hand invitation. While it is uncertain, a bit unstable, shaky, chaotic, and groundless in the womb of now, a light shines out of the darkness, arriving with a fierce call.
This summons is rippling with the new, with an unprecedented sort of compassion, and is of the nature of full-spectrum aliveness. For love is ready at all times to make equal use of the energies of creation, preservation, and even destruction to seed the mandala around you. Everything that is partial will be recycled and re-integrated into the wholeness, but often in ways that are bewildering to a mind longing to return to the known.
While it may be terrifying and disorienting to the density of the mind and what has come before, the creativity of the new is overwhelming and outrageous. Trust in the fires of disintegration. For everything that is less than whole must be burned away, and out of the ashes of the unknown love will emerge in the most astonishing ways.
Stay close and keep your eyes open. Not just your ordinary eyes, but the pure vision that sees out of the heart.

Photo by Eugene Sergeev