Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Hidden, shadowy forms of love

If a child were to appear at your door – cold, scared, and tired from a long journey…
If he or she were anxious, heartbroken, raging, and confused…
Would you refuse entry to the little one? Would you first demand that his fear dissolve, her anxiety be healed, his confusion turn to clarity, or her heart be mended?
In your most authoritative spiritual voice, would you urge the little one to first "get over it,” to accept everything the way it is, to urgently forgive those who have harmed him, to fall into the bliss of the moment, or to drop into the state of no-self?
Or would you provide sanctuary and safe passage from a long voyage? A warm home in which the perceptions, the emotions, and the sensations of the little one can unfold, be illuminated, and be metabolized in a field of loving presence.
As Rumi reminds us, “Look as long as you can at the friend you love, no matter whether that friend is moving away or coming toward you.”
The friend is always appearing, in both obvious and disguised forms, as the others in your life as well as the unmet "inner other" at the door of your heart. As an image, a memory, a felt sense, or as a vision. Even as a color, the wind, the mountain, and as the moon as it floods the worlds with its lunar current.
The visitors of aliveness will never stop looking for you, they will never give up. For as hidden, shadowy forms of love, they will continue to dance and shape-shift around you, until you turn toward them and allow them to come inside.

Photo by Imgorthand/Vetta via Getty Images