Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Providing rest for the journey ahead

As embodied, sensitive human beings, it is likely from time to time that we will be asked to meet with waves of confusion, uncertainty, hopelessness, and disappointment. And in the wake of these feelings, to lose contact with who we are and why we’re here.

While it is natural to conclude that something has gone “wrong” and that we have failed in some cosmic way, something is attempting to reach us, and to remind us of wholeness and what is most important. While painful at times, we can come to see that this reorganization is sacred, and is worthy of our curiosity and loving attention.

Listen carefully. There are thoughts, feelings, emotions, images, messages, signs, and sensations emerging out of the depths, attempting to break through an old dream of partiality. Revealing how endless the path of love truly is.

Slow down, touch the earth, and open to the possibility that nothing has gone wrong and no error has occurred. From the exact place you are in, you can open and soften into what is presenting itself.

Underneath the ancient story of what is missing is an alive world of somatic information, inviting a new level of trust in your experience exactly as it is. All of this material is valid, filled with life, and a unique reflection of the path home.

Provide sanctuary for the lonely one, the confused one, the hopeless one, and the disappointed one. For they have come not as obstacles, but as disorienting and purifying love in disguise.

In ways the mind may never understand, they are providing rest for the journey ahead.

Photo of the eruption of autumn nearby in Aspen


  1. WOW... Brilliantly alive photo! :) I had no idea that Colorado had such COLOR! I always thought that everything turned yellow, not this brilliant "alive world" with such vibrancy... Kind of like us :)

  2. The temptation to run away – a deeply indoctrinated habit, actually – can be exceedingly strong! I like how Dr. Kelly McGonigal puts it in this conversation with Acharya Fleet Maull...


    ...hope you don't mind my linking (?)

    1. Thank you, Tomasz. Kelly is a friend :) I very much appreciate her approach to understanding the negativity bias in the brain as well as the neuroscience of change. Love Kelly's work. Take good care.