Sunday, October 23, 2016

Only endless unfolding

It’s probably a good idea to count on those around you to relentlessly remind you of what you have disowned in yourself. For this is their secret gift to you, emerging out of the relational field itself as a benediction of wholeness.

It is tempting to interpret these erupting perceptions, emotions, and sensations as evidence that something has gone wrong. But if you will slow way, way down, and rest in the commitment to know what is most real and most alive, the veil will part and the buried wisdom will be revealed.

The center is found in this intention to know what is true more than anything. More than feeling good, more than appearing spiritual, more than being “awakened” and invulnerable, more than being happy all the time, and more than needing to keep up the appearance that you always have it all together.

It is an outrageous act of kindness to make a commitment that each time you find yourself irritated, annoyed, triggered, provoked, and hooked, that you will stay close. You will get really curious and not abandon yourself. You will not deny what is alive within you, nor will you urgently act to seek relief from it. You will set aside the temptation to start complaining, shaming, blaming, and raging at yourself or the other, for just a moment, and turn back into the unfolding somatic brilliance.

Because you care so much. About yourself, about the other, about reality, about this world.

And with a calm, regulated, attuned presence you will cut into billions of moments of fight-flight abandonment of the unbearably alive field of the here and now. Which is never, ever going to conform to our hopes, needs, fantasies, and preferences. For love is just too creative for all that. It is too unprecedented.

Yes, it can be so fucking annoying. But these are your true teachers, pure wisdom guides sent from beyond, to remind you of wholeness. To serve as your tour guide into the sacred world. And for this they are worthy of honor and gratitude. How irritating. How utterly precious. How very human.

There is never an end to the path of the heart. There is no final, safe landing place, no mythical fairytale of “awakening,” no completion, no resolution. No time when you are free from the beloved stepping in and pulling out the rug from underneath reality as you have come to know it.

Only endless unfolding. Your heart is endless. There is nothing any more sacred than that.