Monday, June 6, 2016

Sacred material

Use your breath to direct attention into the center of whatever feeling is arising. Send awareness inside your emotions and saturate them with warmth. For just a moment, replace the urgent need to find relief with that of curiosity. A visitor has arrived. And is longing for care.

Dare to practice intimacy with this one – close enough to receive the transmission of its nature, but not so close that you fuse with it as what you are.

Even for one second, two seconds, three seconds, and then rest. Set aside the demand to understand, resolve, or even “heal” the feelings, just for a few moments. For the visitor is not in need of healing, but holding. Open into the immediacy.

There is so much space around your sadness, your rage, your disappointment, and your hopelessness. While your emotions have such a vivid, intense, colorful, and even disturbing appearance, they are made of space. What you are and what they are… these are not two things. The forms that appear in awareness are of the nature of awareness itself. Pure. Untainted. Translucent. Spacious. Workable. Trustable.

As you practice relational intimacy with the display of the somatic world, you will naturally attune to the breath as it passes in and out of your lungs. Take a moment to behold the miracle that this truly is, to be given even one more breath on this new day. The implications of that alone are enough to take you to the ground and cut through the trance that you are not fully alive.

As holy as the breath is, there is another substance passing through you. It is flowing in and out of your heart, is subtle, and apprehended only through one of your non-ordinary senses. It is wild and creative and is keeping the stars from falling out of the sky. It is the substance of reorganizing and transmuting love.

Oxygenate your entire being with this sacred material, and allow it to wash and nourish you, cell by cell by cell.

Art credit: “Sacred Breath” by Leah Marie Dorion