Wednesday, April 13, 2016

You are not a project to be solved

The reorganization of the nervous system is sacred work and requires courage, patience, and profound levels of self-compassion. To open to our embodied vulnerability we must take a journey into the tender places of our hearts, our bodies, and our psyches, not just with the clarity of awareness, but with the illuminating warmth of love.

While there are signs and guideposts along the way, there is no clear map which you can follow. Though it may seem counter-intuitive to a mind longing for certainty, the beloved will never provide you with such a map, for he or she loves you too much.

In this ever-unfolding, highly creative territory, it is shaky, groundless, and not organized around answers. It is erupting with the essence of the question. While this level of naked, non-solid openness can feel disorienting at times, it is exhilarating simultaneously.

It is unlikely today will be the day that you clarify the contradictions and resolve the erupting conundrums of love.

You are not a project to be solved, but a mystery longing to come into form. Your heartbreak, your disappointment, your loss of hope, your uncertainty about it all – these special allies have arrived, along with the more conventional helpers of joy, clarity, contentment, and bliss – to midwife this mystery for the benefit of beings everywhere.

Photo by Phil Hawkins – Sangre de Cristo mountains, southern Colorado