Sunday, April 17, 2016

The new way will emerge

When you are triggered and your emotional world is on fire, shift your awareness out of your interpretations of what has happened, and into your body. You may find that your belly, your heart, and your throat are alive with important data for the journey ahead.

While the narrative is vivid, colorful, and ragingly compelling, it is an act of self-love to slow down and return into immediacy.  The storyline will be waiting for you at a later moment, when you have come back online and can engage it with grounded presence.

Allow yourself to travel underneath your conditioned history, your attachment schema, and the perceptual lenses through which you have come to see yourself, others, and the world. What awaits you is an open field of energy and information – raw, naked, immediate experience.

The old way is to view your triggers as enemies coming from the outside, and as obscurations that must quickly be shifted, transformed, cured, and ‘healed.’ And as obstacles to intimacy, freedom, and aliveness.

But as you practice the way of intimacy with your immediate experience – flooding it with curiosity and warmth – the new way will emerge. Every arising feeling, sensation, and trigger is an invitation into the completeness that you already are. You are enough, right now. You are worthy of your own presence, right now. You are okay, right now.

With the sky and the sun and the moon and the stars as your witness, you are fully alive, now. 

Photo by Ravi Vora