Monday, April 4, 2016

Safe passage for the emissaries of love

In a moment of activation, the visitors arrive: the shame, the fear, the sadness, the rage, the confusion, the unworthiness. It can feel as if they are coming from outside, as an obstacle on your path. This is the old narrative of a tender, vulnerable little one, who was unable to locate a consistent source of mirroring and empathic attunement.

But a new narrative is awaiting your presence, a new way of reorganizing the circuity and the pathways within you. These ones are arising from the inside, from within the secret places of your body, and are longing to tell an important story. They are carrying vital information for your journey and without them the path will be difficult.

While their invitation is radical and may never be understood by the conventional world, they are calling you to union, into intimacy with your vulnerability in all its forms. If you do not provide passage for these special emissaries, something important may be lost, and love will miss an opportunity to seed its vision here.

The angry one, the sad one, the hurt one, the scared one, and the unworthy one… with eyes wide open, these are arising now as portals into a new world. One of outrageous creativity, intimacy, aliveness, and connection – filled with energy and information for the way ahead.

As you reorganize your relationship with these ones, you will sense a substance which is their carrier. It is a non-ordinary substance, emerging from between the worlds, which is contained in an inner chamber inside you. It is the substance of love, unfolding in ever creative and more integrated ways, longing to reach this place and flood it with its qualities.

Art by Camille Flammarion in L'Atmosphère: Météorologie Populaire