Friday, April 15, 2016

Flooding your stories with holding and with love

The goal of this work is not to ‘get rid of your story,’ but to have a more flexible relationship with it. At times you can wear it as an ornament and at other times you can set it down for a while, allowing it to rest from a long journey. Only to pick it up again if it is helpful in opening into the mystery.

Human beings are storytellers. Go ahead. Tell one. And then listen carefully as the characters, the subplots, and the narratives share their longing to be authored in more integrated forms. With curiosity, openness, acceptance, and love, you can practice intimacy with your story, touching the beauty, the pain, the joy and the heartbreak of your life as it is.

Come intimately close to your story, but not so close that you fuse with it. Always remember that no story is ever majestic enough to contain what you truly are and can only represent a part of you. Listen to what these ancient companions have to say and integrate their experience and perspective into the wholeness… while not losing touch with the vastness of the non-conceptual world.

Of course the greatest story of all is the story that you no longer have a story, that you have ‘transcended’ all stories and that there is ‘no one here any longer’ to tell a story. You are welcome to tell this story as well! But perhaps you will be willing to see that it, too, is only partial – like all stories. And that it will never, ever capture the luminous essence that you are.

In this very moment, you can call off the war with your stories. They are not obstacles along the way, but pure expressions of wholeness, arising to be authored and re-authored over and over and over again. As you flood the stories with holding and with love, like all form they will reveal their nature as untainted, non-solid, and translucent, and as clear portals into presence.