Sunday, April 10, 2016

A doorway appears

Inside your rage, in the center of your sadness, buried in the inner chamber of your shame, there are jewels hidden in secret places. Even concealed inside your fear and your heartbreak, the ornaments of presence are unfolding and being illuminated. These jewels are non-ordinary, however, and are not knowable by way of conventional means.

One of the most sacred gifts of the beloved – however he or she may appear – is to provide an entryway into this dimension of your experience. He or she will do this through reminding you of everything that has yet to be metabolized within you. You can choose to view this as a mistake or obstacle, or as evidence of how much you are loved.

As you slow way down and cut into the sense that something must urgently be fixed, shifted, or even ‘healed’ – and as you become more curious about your immediate experience than in your interpretations of it – a doorway appears. Just underneath the very vivid and colorful storyline is an eruption of energy, overflowing with information and resources for the way ahead.

While your emotional world may come on fire in these moments, with your amygdala lighting up the old circuitry of fight and flight, a new invitation has come. It is a wild, unprecedented, and ragingly creative. It is Life, longing to reach you and to remind you of something you may have forgotten.

To stay with the tenderness as it arises is a radical love offering that you can make to yourself, as well as to a world that has become weary.

Photo by Dmitriy Khaykin – “Sunrise of Fire” – the holding field of Flagstaff mountain, just near my house in Boulder