Monday, February 1, 2016

Rest in the vastness

Each feeling, each emotion, and each surge of vulnerability… arrive offering color, fragrance, and a rare glimpse into the secrets of dark and of light. As ambassadors of presence, they erupt into the here and now with a secret longing: hold me, explore me, let me all the way in.

Slow way down. Sink into the muddy earth. While the burning may not be letting up – while no answers may be coming, for now – dare to see that nothing is urgent. Rest in the vastness of the question.

Only raw, naked experience, unfolding into the world of time and space with you as its witness, sent out of the unseen to transform the relative by both ordinary and nonordinary means. Take one moment to enter into intimate communion. And listen. Inside your body is a pure wisdom field.

Tender heartbreak, pure causeless joy, achy bliss, overflowing loneliness… We have something to share with you, they call out! – something forgotten about the wild, untamed, uncontrollable nature of love. Please don’t turn away, for your open body, your ripening heart, you shaky nervous system… these are the vehicles through which love will come alive here.

Art by Robert Jahns