Wednesday, February 3, 2016

It's okay to feel sad

It's okay to feel sad.

The presence of sadness is not evidence that something is wrong with you. It does not mean anything, actually, about your worth as a person, or that you have ‘failed.’ It means you are alive.

Sadness is not something you must fix, cure, or transform. It need not be healed. But held. In the vastness that you are. You need not ‘shift’ sadness into some ‘higher’ state or apply teachings to it so that it will yield into something else. It is complete and pure on its own.

Stay close to your sadness and surround it with presence and with warmth. Not the story ‘about’ sadness, nor your interpretations of it, but the raw sensations that are coursing through you. For they are carriers of sacred life energy.

In this way sadness will be revealed to be what it is, a hidden wisdom-guide of aliveness, come to remind you of something you’ve forgotten.

Art by Toshiyuki Enoki