Thursday, January 21, 2016

The path is everywhere

Traveling the path of love is simple, but 'simple' is not synonymous with 'easy.' The very dynamic self-narratives, limiting beliefs, organizing principles, and attachment styles - whatever our orientation - are cellularly embedded. While they are not who you ultimately are, their appearance is vivid and colorful – and as guests of your miracle nervous system – deserved of your care and attention.

We hear compelling stories about how if we learn how to 'be happy and grateful all the time,' manifest everything we want, ‘raise our vibration,’ and discover 'secrets' about how to change our lives through thinking, that these archaic organizing principles will yield: the charismatic new teacher, the right 'five steps,' the latest ‘powerful’ technique - that somehow the 'good other' will arrive and dismantle it all, landing us in unending bliss, with no more vulnerability and risk of heartbreak, somehow magically resolving the untamed, groundless terrain of love.

But there is no resolution to love. There is no reference point to rest and take refuge in. There is no fixed state. And there is no 'secret.' For love is alive, and a firestorm of unprecedented creativity. There is no technique or five-step method that will ever touch the wild erupting majesty that you are.

It is so exhausting, the endless struggle to be something different than what you are. In this moment, just rest. Dare to allow the possibility that you are not in need of ‘healing,’ right now. Allow the old dreams to die and stay embodied to the grief as it washes through you. The movement of love is not always sweet, peaceful, and a harbinger of certainty and ground. At times it flows by means of deflation. But this deflation is sacred and is clearing the way for new forms of love to appear.

Rest in the field of love, which is what you are, and honor the forms that love will take as they emerge, dance for a short moment, and then return into the unseen. Here, the veil will part, your perception will be cleansed, and you may discover that you were never unhealed.

The path is everywhere. Rest. Just look and see.

Art by Paul Heussenstamm