Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Embracing the unmet 'other'

Where is the beloved?! Where oh where is the Friend?!

I hear from many of a sacred longing for deep intimacy with another, for a fellow traveler with whom to explore the mysteries of union. One to enter the depths of intimacy with, walking together into the uncharted lands of the heart.

“I want to share the burning,” you call out! The tenderness, the shakiness, the joy, the aliveness of what it means to enter into consecrated partnership with the holy ‘other.’ There is a ripeness and a readiness to no longer hold back, to give everything to remove the last remaining shreds of separation, to no longer postpone what you know is possible.

In response to this most primordial cry, the ‘other’ appears. Sadness rushes quickly onto the scene: “but when will you practice intimacy with me?” Loneliness is next, pleading for a moment of your undistracted attention. Anger, despair, grief, self-loathing, confusion, jealousy, fear and shame – us too! Please do not abandon us! And relegate us to the dark, cold forest of the unconscious. We are here, now, and longing to share our essence.

Out of your yearning for intimate communion, the ancient companions of the heart will always respond, though in ways that may remain bewildering to the mind bent on resolving the untamed activity of love. These ones come not as enemies, but as lovers, seeking just one moment of your embodied presence, your compassionate communion, and the light of your holding and care.

To the degree you are intimate with the unwanted within, it is to this degree that you are able to be intimate with another. If you have not provided shelter for the unmet inside you, how will you ever contain the darkness and the light of the beloved? Look carefully for the invitation of union is emerging out of the unseen in every moment and may never look quite like you thought. In infinite forms of sweet and fierce grace, the beloved is everywhere, playing all around and inside you, and will continue to appear eternally in both dark and light forms.

Artist unknown