Monday, January 11, 2016

Breaking the spell...

No matter how things are going for you now, you can always start right where you are. In any new moment, you can meet yourself for the very first time and cut into the habitual trance of self-aggression. You need no longer turn from yourself via worn out pathways of abandonment. Stay, and light up a new circuitry of presence.

The spell is broken by one holy pause, returning into present experience with awareness and with warmth. What is arising now has never appeared before, and with the doors of perception cleansed, it will appear as it is – pure, luminous, and drenched with creativity.

The rich emotional landscape may never unfold according to your hopes, fears, and the way you thought it would all turn out. At times it may appear as disturbing and unclear to a heart longing for certainty and rest. But each feeling arrives as a messenger of aliveness, inviting you into intimacy with all things.

This moment is the end of the past and the end of the future. Fall through the portal into the holding space of open, unstructured love.