Saturday, December 26, 2015

A lonely Christmas moon

With the moon as your witness, renew your vow to no longer postpone your full participation here, for even one more moment. Just as it is rare for the lunar one to offer her fullness on Christmas day, it is rare for one human being to allow in the implications of what it really means to take birth in a star where love is alive.

Whether your life is taking form as the crucifixion, as the resurrection, or as re-organizing transfiguration, you are being held within the womb that is the essence of Christ. While it may appear that your sensitivity and your heartbreak are obstacles along the way, look carefully and see they are forming the light strands of your journey in every moment. Within the embodied temple of your heart-essence nature, everything is utterly valid, outrageously intelligent, and overwhelmingly creative.

Without you and your vulnerability – without your unique gifts, your courage, and your willingness to give everything for the call to intimacy with all things – this realm will never know the burning essence of timeless and eternal love. The oceans, the galaxies, the snow-capped mountains, and the translucent stars… these and the erupting lunar transmission of a lonely Christmas moon: they are counting on you, for it is only through you that love can enter into this rare world of time and space.

May love pour through you on this new miracle day, awakening your cells, your organs, and each and every strand of your sacred DNA. May it open you to the magic of the sacred world, re-wiring everything in its wake with its signature and fragrances of aliveness. May it make use of your eyes to see the truth, your hands to touch another sweetly, your body to feel more, your words to speak kindness, and your presence to shower healing upon everyone and everything you encounter.

May the mysteries of separation and union pour out of the unseen and take form as your body, your nervous system, and as the flow of thought, feeling, and emotion within you. And may you be crucified, resurrected, and transfigured in the heart of Christ, crafted as a vehicle of grace to seed this world with the wild, creative particles of love.

Photo by Patrick Kobersky