Tuesday, November 17, 2015

There is no love coming tomorrow

It is so natural to focus on what love will give you. But it has nothing to give you. Only everything to take away. As you travel the path of the heart, you can count on the dream of a love coming in the future to be ground away, moment by moment by moment. There is no love coming tomorrow, for love is only now. And you cannot ‘get’ more love, for love is what you are.

At some point along the journey, the reference points fall away, and are replaced with… nothing. Only your open heart, your ripening body, and a burning for resolution remain. But there is no resolution, for love is outrageously creative, and will dissolve all form in order to reveal what you are, and to offer a womb in which new forms may emerge.

While never easy, remember that one of the primary gifts of the beloved is that of reorganization, of seeding deflation in the field of separation. This deflation is not a mistake or an error to be corrected, but is a purifying expression of pure, untamed, uncontrolled blessing. But you cannot expect the mind to understand and to not struggle against the groundlessness. You can just let the mind do what the mind does; no need to enter an imaginary spiritual war with it. Or take any relationship with it, for that matter.

Everything you thought you knew about who you were, where you were headed – the way it was ‘supposed’ to work out – about relationships, ‘healing,’ ‘awakening,’ your ‘life’s purpose’… watch as love comes spinning out of the unseen as a sacred thief, leaving you naked, on the earth and in the gooey mud. You are home. Raw with the realization that nothing was ever missing after all.

Look up into the autumn sky. Lay your hands on your heart and attune to what is unfolding. There are purples coming into existence that have never before made their way into this dimension. There are browns, reds, yellows, and pinks that are being sent to remind you of one of the unique fragrances of love. Each a shattering portal into just how open, unprecedented, and creative it truly is here.

Stay right here. Don’t move from this moment. Everything that has ever happened – and everyone you have ever met – has led up to right here, and right now.

While it may appear to be another ordinary Monday in an ordinary star, look again. While it is easy to take for granted this human body of love, please look again.

Photo credit: sunrise over Boulder, from Flagstaff Road, by Dmitriy Khaykin