Monday, November 2, 2015

Honoring 'this' wave

It is so tempting to assign a label to waves of intensity as they surge in your ripening nervous system, washing into your sensitive, tender body.

“Oh, I know what this is”: this is ‘sadness,’ this is ‘heartbreak,’ this is ‘rage,’ this is ‘fear.’ Or, if you’re a bit more ‘spiritual’ – it’s ‘kundalini,’ it’s the ‘powerful light of the Divine,’ it’s the ‘dark night of the soul,’ it’s the re-emergence of the Goddess.

Will you consider for a moment that you have no idea what ‘this’ is? - for ‘this’ is holy, untamed, unresolvable, and totally unprecedented. What ‘this’ is has never appeared until now. It is a pure expression of raging creativity and intelligence, spinning out of the unknown and the unseen, filled with pure wisdom essence.

Dare to consider that you have never met ‘this’ wave before. It is none other than the outrageous activity of wild love, taking a new form and seeking your body, your cells, and your heart as its crucible and vessel. It is not an enemy or an obstacle coming from the outside, but a secret emissary of wholeness, sent from deep within to remind you of something you may have forgotten.

Descend underneath the conceptual and rest in the aliveness, in the raw sensations, and in the sacred data that is aglow in your torso. While it may appear you are yearning for something outside you, perhaps you are only ever longing for your own presence.

Please honor what is moving inside you.

Artist unknown