Sunday, October 4, 2015

There is no aliveness without vulnerability

From the perspective of confused mind, it is intelligent to seek relief from the uncertainty, and to replace the chaos with something more stable. Honor the call to seek safe passage and something to hold onto. You need not pathologize the movement to ground.

As long as any identification remains with the lucid and rich appearance of thought, feeling, and emotion, it is an act of kindness to try to improve that display and to care for yourself in the best ways you are able.

But from the perspective of love, groundlessness and enlightenment are one – with raw, naked vulnerability taking form as the illuminated portal into the intimacy you are longing for. For there is no aliveness without vulnerability. Stay close as they co-arise and co-emerge as one.

It is so open here and anything could happen. While this may be terrifying from the perspective of the dream of separation, it is simultaneously exhilarating from that of your true nature. It can be astonishing to realize that the wild activity of love will never be resolved or organized around your most precious hopes, fears, and preferences.

In actuality, there is nothing to hold onto, nothing to ‘transform,’ and nothing to 'heal.’ It is not possible for this moment to be ‘improved’ or ‘completed’ as it is arising as an expression of the great natural perfection.

It is through the unconditional commitment to no longer abandoning the erupting somatic world that a holding space will appear, where you may come to rest in the majesty of what you are. It may not always feel ‘safe,’ but perhaps it is not ‘safe’ that you have truly been after all this time. For what you are is beyond all that.

Though the movement of the beloved one is infinitely sweet and holding, in its essence it is everything. It is devastating as it is the end of one world, and glorious as it is the beginning of another.

Photo by Martin Sojka – golden sunrise over Lamayuru, where I once found myself wandering, dreaming, lost, confused, found, in love, melancholic, sad, ecstatic, playing with the stars and the moon always near