Wednesday, October 14, 2015

The luminous invitation of sacred return

When your emotional world is on fire and you have fallen into the ancient trance of shame, rage, and blame, return to the slowness, the vastness, and the erupting intelligence of your body.

While the storyline of what has happened may be compelling, seductive, and even relatively ‘accurate’ in its telling, look carefully and see if you are being asked to love in a more radical way. Shift from thinking ‘about’ your experience to actually ‘having’ it – as an act of wild, embodied compassion.

As you return your awareness, with gentle precision – over and over and over again – into the crucible of somatic aliveness, you lay down a new groove in your tender nervous system, slowly replacing the archaic organization of fight/ flight/ freeze within you. This rewiring is none other than the translucent activity of love as it lights up this world with its qualities.

Underneath the very vivid narrative there are pathways of soft, open, raw vulnerability, longing to receive your presence and your warmth. In one miracle moment – outside the ordinary confines of time, space, and causality – you can drop into the wisdom-field of those emotions that up until now you have done just about anything to stay out of. And start to see the ways that the old story has served to protect you from this unknown, unprecedented, untamed environment of pure revelation.

The groove of abandonment emerged as a creative and intelligent act of kindness, in order to protect your developing, fragile, precious heart and psyche. But you have capacities now that you did not have then, and you are seeing that you no longer need to be protected from the creative and the destructive activity of love.

You have received the invitation to engage in the luminous unfolding of sacred return, which is always, already available in each and every here and now moment.