Monday, October 26, 2015

Healing is not a process which you need to 'complete'

Healing is not a process which you need to ‘complete.’ There is no practice you can undertake to discover what you already are, and life is not waiting for you to awaken or to transform.

Please do not postpone the freedom you are longing for, until you are ‘healed,’ have ‘resolved’ your past, created some dream reality of the seeking mind, or are experiencing only those states of consciousness you have deemed correct, ‘spiritual,’ and evidence that you are okay. Dare to see that what you are is beyond okay and not subject to the trance of the conceptual.

Take a risk, slow down and see that love will never organize itself around your preferences. For it is a firestorm of creativity, inviting you at all times into greater levels of wholeness and cohesion. But this environment is wild and unprecedented and will never conform to your hopes and fears.

What you are is a miracle. Your experience is sacred and holy. Your senses and your body are outrageous and alive, and filled with intelligence and originality. Even your confusion is filled with wisdom. Even your darkness is weaved of particles of light.

Just take one moment and see.