Thursday, September 17, 2015

The downward journey

Let us not forget the downward journey, into the lower chakras, into the darkness, into the body, into sexuality, into relationship, into family, and into the earth. So often, even if in subtle and unconscious ways, the spiritual journey becomes exclusively identified with the upward, the light, and the transcendent. We want to ascend in a rush to leave behind the very messy, chaotic, untamed, unresolvable, out of control world of feelings, sensations, emotions, and of the somatic mandala altogether.

Some are reframing the sacred journey not so much around how to get from ‘here’ to ‘there,’ but how to fully be Here. Not so much about traveling from ‘lower to higher,’ from human to divine, or from questions to answers. Not so organized around landing in some constructed, safe, resting place of certainty and bliss, free from the uncontrollable, wild, undomesticated movement of love. Not how do I become less vulnerable, but how do I dedicate my life to the embodiment of unbearable vulnerability in all its forms.

Rather, they are aware of a call to offer this muddy body, these feelings, these emotions, this imagination, this erupting creativity that is the human being as a vessel through which reorienting love can finally come pouring through the relative. Not ‘how do I get to the absolute,’ but how do I become transparent to the always, already revelations of the absolute in the raging world of time and space. Here. Now.

Love is whole and it can only know itself through totality. It will never be satisfied with a partial vehicle through which it can emerge. It is longing for the union of the ascending and descending currents which have been placed inside your holy nervous system.

There is no state of consciousness other than this one right here, right now. Dare to honor *this* one, the one that has been given, as a pure expression of primordial wholeness. There is no ‘better’ or ‘more spiritual’ state coming tomorrow. There is no kingdom of heaven arriving soon. There no love waiting around the corner. There is no grace that comes in the future.

The only grace that could ever be is taking form right now as the translucence of the sensual world, as your arms when you hold another, as your lips as you speak kindness, and as the wisdom field of the somatic landscape. The miracle has already occurred. Gaze into the mirror of your own heart and you will see.

Art by Jenna Martin