Tuesday, August 25, 2015

The gift of pure rest

It can be so exhausting, the unending struggle to become something other than what you are. Give yourself the gift of pure rest on this new day, sanctuary from the weary search to 'transform,' to 'heal,' and to transcend your unfolding, tender vulnerability.

Honor how tired you truly are, worn out from abandoning the here and now in the name of the great project of 'me.'

Of attracting things for 'me,' manifesting amazing stuff for 'me,' improving 'me,' 'creating' realities for 'me,' producing consistent feelings of happiness for 'me,' achieving greater 'empowerment' for 'me,' wiggling into 'higher states' of consciousness for 'me,' attaining incredible 'realizations' for 'me,' soul mates for 'me,' twin flames for 'me,' groovy spiritual careers for 'me,' a fabulous life purpose for 'me,' ‘awakening’ for ‘me’ - me, me, me, me.


You are alive, Now, and were never unhealed. There has never been an incomplete moment. You need not postpone your life any longer, until some inner or outer circumstance conforms to what you have been told you 'need.' Allow the dream that something is missing to return into the vast space of the heart.

The fruit of your search is always, already here. While your longing may take innumerable forms, it is only ever for your own presence. Peer behind the veil... and see.


  1. Thank you reminding me to relax and just Be. I could really use a break.

  2. Every thing you write is amazing and speaks directly to my heart BUT this one blew me away. About a month ago I dropped out of almost everything. I quit writing my blog, posting on my Facebook page, following social media, promoting my book, lining up workshop dates, and trying so hard to be okay. This message is for me. Thank you.,