Monday, August 3, 2015

Inside an alchemical sanctuary of loving-kindness

Your emotions are carriers of a long-forgotten intelligence, but cannot unleash their sacred activity unless you provide safe haven for them to unfold. 

It is inside an alchemical sanctuary of loving-kindness that they will illuminate and flood your cells with heart-wisdom.

Art by Kathy Price


  1. Again today I slid back down into that consuming space of sadness? fear? shame? anxiety? I could not define it today. apart from the old companion of self-loathing. Just be here just be here I chanted to myself. But even if I allow, even if I stay close, is it really healing lives past or present . because it comes again and again, not abating, no awakening. enough to give up. and go where - how can one go backwards now. give the ego one little line and it grasps, it devours, almost comical - there is always that as a viable option - cause you cant go back and you ain't going forward.

  2. Like my lips seeking nourishment of my body, everything that is consuming me, all that is transient and variable, joy, sadness, fear, hurt, all that is mortal needs to embrace what is true and intangible in me, perceptions and feelings as they appear and their intricacy with what is rational in me. When all partakes of my true nature, when all is fully received and returned, replenished and nourished, only then, I am unequivocally authentic.