Wednesday, July 1, 2015

The secret caverns of compassion

The next time you’re aware that you are triggered, slow way down and become curious. Things are not always as they seem. The veil is opening. But do you actually want to step in and to take the risk that wild, embodied love will always ask of you?

In just one moment of pure presence, you cut into the ancient groove of fight and flight. You need neither deny what is appearing nor must you urgently seek relief from it. Stay very close. Practice soothing intimacy. The movement of feeling and sensation has come as sacred data, lighting up your torso and your nervous system, and setting ablaze pathways of intelligence within you.

Give yourself the gift of just one moment of holy pause, and ask: what is asking to be met, right now, in my body? Set aside the habitual activity to understand, to attribute cause, to shame, to blame, to seek relief, to change, to shift, to transform, or even to ‘heal’ what is appearing now – for the majesty of what you are is way beyond all that.

What underlying wave is asking to come into the shore of your raw, tender body? Which of the orphaned children of your achy heart is longing to be admitted back into the vastness that you are?

In this one moment, which occurs outside of conventional time altogether, you will lay down a new groove in your neural network, bringing alive the secret caverns of compassion in your cell tissue, in your miracle organs, and in the synapses of light.

While the longing appears to take a myriad of colorful forms, you can come to discover that you were only ever longing for your own presence, and for your ripening body to be crafted as a vessel in which love can find safe passage into this outrageous star we have somehow found ourselves in… together.