Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Weaved of tender particles of the unknown

It is so natural to want a map into the territory of the heart, some certainty and clarity as to who you are, the nature of love, why you’ve come here, and what will unfold next. The longing for solid ground and for a clear reference point is wired into who you are as a biological being.

Despite your aching, your burning and your calling out in prayer, you are discovering that the beloved will not provide you with this. In place of an answer, something else is appearing – early in the morning, penetrating you at dusk, and washing through you as you lay in bed at night.

Wherever you look, only more invitations – into the wild, uncharted terrain of your body and into the majestic vastness that you truly are. But it will never, ever look like you thought. There is no map here, but only an untamed aliveness, which is of the essence of pure creativity. What is coming next is always fresh, forever unprecedented, and is weaved of tender particles of the unknown.

The beloved will always walk with you by your side but will never protect you from the sacredness of what you are. And will never provide a map. For he or she loves you too much.

Art – “Feeling Free” – by Andycap