Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Waves of feeling arising in your tender heart

As sensitive human beings, we may often be asked to meet very vivid waves of feeling and sensation in our bodies and in our tender hearts. When we learn to stay with our present experience - rather than engage in habitual responses of fight, flight, freeze - and start to bring acceptance and kindness into these waves, we may discover that they are not harming us.

Slow way down. And offer a home for the sweet and fierce allies of wholeness. As you would a precious little baby who appeared on your doorstep, offer safe passage for the emissaries of integration. They have not come to hurt you, but to reveal how whole and how majestic you truly are.

Yes the waves may be intense, as they are sure to illuminate buried vulnerabilities, but just underneath the story and the narrative they dwell as simple movements of raw energy. When you allow your awareness and your warmth to surround and enter inside the special visitors of your nervous system, you unlock the secret cavern to the intimacy and the aliveness you have been so deeply longing for.

Perhaps your immediate, lived experience - in all its intensity, rawness, and naked luminosity - need not be understood, transformed, cured, fixed, or ‘let go.’ Dare to see that it need not even be 'healed,' but finally held.