Wednesday, May 13, 2015

The light-jeweled majesty of what you truly are

One of the greatest acts of self-love is to learn to discern between immediate, embodied experiencing and the overlay of experience with interpretation. As you deepen in this realization, you may come to discover that you have never before been ‘sad,’ you have never been ‘angry,’ ‘lonely,’ ‘anxious,’ or ‘depressed.’ These are all words that have been added to the aliveness of your present experience.

The light-jeweled majesty of what you truly are will never be pinned down by the density of the conceptual.

Honor what is coming alive within you by allowing these concepts to fall away in the radiance of the here and now. See that your ‘problems’ and the very compelling self-created dramas of the interpreted world are almost always serving a distractive function, designed to take you out of the groundless, burning alive, colorful, intense, and wild uncharted landscape of the somatic world. Here, it is pure magic and unbearable aliveness; however there is no solid and continuous ‘me’ to be found.

Descend with your awareness into your body and oxygenate the sensations that are longing for your holding. See that what is coming alive now need not be understood, named, labeled, changed, shifted, transformed, or even ‘healed.’

Renew your ancient vow to no longer abandon yourself and to practice intimacy with your tender vulnerability. Illuminate the grooves inside your miracle nervous system with new pathways of holding and kindness. Stay close. For on the path of love, you need yourself now more than ever.

Artist unknown